Polestar 2 Preconfigured Lease Deals

I get the emotion. I also get better range at a lower cost with my Model 3 than with the Polestar. But nice deal just the same.

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Just because the msrp is lower, doesn’t mean it’s a cheaper lease.


What model Tesla and post your lease deal to prove it?

Doesn’t matter…even the lowest priced TM3 is more than $507 per month with $2300 down…we all know that.

I have a couple questions. Clean fuel reward is different than CVRP? You have to apply for the CVRP, correct?

Also, does Polestar allow MSDs?

Yes. $1500 from the clean fuel reward comes off the sale price. $2000 for the cvrp is a rebate. Apparently I’ll be getting it too, per the recent news. Makes this deal even better. My lease rate will drop to an effective $550 per month.

And I never asked about MSD, but I’m assuming it’s a no.


Does anyone have the MF and residual for the Polestar 1?

I was talking to Polestar today and their current lease incentive is 63% RV and .00001 MF. They couldn’t go any higher with the RV. The 2 that I’m looking at is 62400 MSRP (plus and pilot packs with non-black paint). My question is whether this a good/decent deal. The doc fee is 700 and they couldn’t lower it. I’ve never done a lease before so I just want to understand where I stand with this offer.

The Polestar 2 lease offer is very competitive in the current market.

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What term and mileage? 63% is a high RV for a Volvo/Polestar on 12-15k miles and 36/39 months. $700 dealer fees are low for FL

39 months / 10k miles

Based on the leasehackr calculator, my monthly payment would be $699 with a zero drive-off. I’m in GA so the taxes are upfront. They are going to send me a detailed sheet with cost breakdown tomorrow including delivery.

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For comparison Model 3 Long Range is $653/month zero down (36/10). Of course you are waiting until Dec to get one.

$0 down and $0 DAS are very different things. Model 3 long range shows for me as $672 with 1367 DAS. That is an effective $710. And since it didnt even ask me where I live, I imagine there is more money involved than that.


Which is it? Zero drive off or taxes at signing?

$699 zero drive off (all fees and taxed capitalized)
$639 if I pay taxes upfront + 1st month payment (639 +1645=$2284 DAS)


So apples to apples.

Polestar 2 - $639 pay taxes upfront + 1st month payment (639 + Tax DAS)
M3 Long Range - $653 pay taxes upfront + acq fee + 1st month payment (653 + 695 + Tax DAS)

If you like the Polestar product it is a better deal. Fit and finish is definitely a step above Tesla. Range, performance, infrastructure go to the Tesla.

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Tesla site pre-configs the 19in wheel option now, new thing since price bump. With the 18’s, it is $653 + 1st payment and acq fee.

Thanks for those details! I definitely like the design (in and out) in the P*2 better than the M3. Everything being on the screen in the Tesla with no gauge cluster really kills it for me.

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Polestar is a good looking car for sure inside and out.

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Don’t forget tax and any gov fees they also don’t include