Lease end damage advice

I’m currently month to month on my 2015 Genesis and need to get the inspection done prior to returning. I’ve got a small tear in the back seat, and some deep scratches/scuffs on the front bumper that will need to be repaired.

I have the pre-inspection scheduled for this week, but would it be smarter to just get everything repaired on my own without getting a quote for the turn in fee? The reason I wanted to get the inspection done without fixing the damage first, was to just get an idea of how much it would be to turn it in and not have to deal with repairing.

I was being told by someone that if the inspector see’s the damage, they’ll alert Hyundai and then be extra picky about the repair.

Any pointers?

If your car is leased through Hyundai Financial, do not make repairs prior to the inspection. Manufacturers typically are conservative with their repair estimates. I’ve had this experience with both Toyota and Honda.

The inspector is a 3rd party company and of course the results are sent to Hyundai, but I don’t think they would red flag your car or anything like that. If you do get the inspection and decide to do the repairs yourself I think you can just schedule another inspection to make sure everything is in order prior to returning the car.

Did you check to see if you have any equity in the car? If you do, you could sell it and avoid any of this.


Personally, I would repair it.

You can have your entire bumper made to look like new for $250.

The seat repair, if it is done right, will cost less than a $100 and be unnoticeable.

If you show up to the inspection with your car looking like it was used in a crime, it will be treated as such, and you will be on the hook for everything. I wouldn’t risk it.

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Lease another hyundai? If you lease another hyundai, you get $400 for wear and tear and $500 for mileage.

Nah, the $400 is for the disposition fee, $500 for everything else. Getting ready to turn mine back in so I got that in the sheet.

Ah thats right. Didnt even bother reading that on mine and returning my santa fe as well. I think i had enough of hyundai although its a great car for the money spent.


I would def take care of the seat, they’re going to come back with some crazy replacement cost for that, i would rather spend the small fee to get that fixed so that they don’t even notice. The bumper depends, if they are small scratches, maybe that’s considered normal wear and tear? Most car companies go by the length of the scratch (they give you some clear guide to lay over a scratch to measure how long it is), not depth but you should find out from Hyundai. There are some “touch-up” companies that can make a bumper look like new for a minimal fee. It’s not permanent but good enough to last a few weeks for inspection/turn-in.

There was another thread where I wrote my experience with my 2015 Genesis turn-in. In my experience, turning the car in and paying for whatever Hyundai were to charge me was a much cheaper option.

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No, wait for the inspection. Most manufacturers are very conservative with estimates. The cost to just pay that estimate off will likely be cheaper than fixing yourself, not to mention the time savings.

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Great, appreciate the input everyone. I’ll leave the inspection scheduled and cross my fingers that the total isn’t that bad.

Unfortunately selling isn’t an option since this thing dropped like a rock. I think it’s worth $10k less than the buyout.

Same thing with me. Damage cost way less then repairs. Like less than half.

On a related note - what is everyone’s thought on wear and tear packages. I see them being negotited down to $600-$700 and seems like a decent hedge against larger issues and picky inspectors?

I went with it because it gave me $400 in mileage overages along with tires being covered if worn.

I paid for some “paint & leather” protection when I got this genesis. Turns out it’s a giant bunch of crap though. The tear in the seat is like 1 1/2 inches long, the package only covers tears up to 1".
The paint portion only covers up to a quarter sized dent, but not scratches/scrapes.

I’m not too irritated about the paint portion of it, but the leather portion was the reason I bought it. They specifically said multiple times that it didn’t matter the size, and that it would cover everything.

Of course now when I’m trying to use it I find out differently.

Lesson learned for next time.

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Those addons are bs. The only thing thats worth getting is the key loss protection since keyfobs are worth $300-400 a piece.

So total cost is only going to be $325!

$225 for the damage to the front bumper, and $100 to repair the rip on the back seat.

The rest of the damage didn’t meet the minimum size requirements for them to charge me.

Really glad I didn’t cancel the inspection, because I was prepared to spend at least $600 to fix some of the damage myself.

How often do people lose keys? In 16 cars over the last 20 years, I have yet to lose a key.


The insurance deals at dealerships are straight up rackets.

I would pass on every single one of them. Not only do they complicate the deal, making it harder to figure out where money may be hidden, but they are rarely worth it.

I have done 4 leases, and in that time, I have had one bumper and one rim to repair. Total was $350. The W&T insurance for the 4 cars, would have been significantly more.

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I have 2015 genesis as well and I just finished inspection with 3rd party company hyundai work with.

I have scratches here and there, major one in the front right side(from dip) and I also got charged for $225 which I think it’s reasonable.
I also got charged for 3 tires ($195 each) and the guy told me I can replace tires to used tires that have enough treads but I have to have matching brand for all 4 tires.
You either change 3 to match the other one or change all 4 tires to different brand.

My total without disposition fee was $810 but I have wear & tear package that’s going to cover all.

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I would agree with you. But we have a 2 year old and likely another by the time our SUV lease ends. I honestly believe I’ll recover my $600 on the Infiniti lease - especially since tires are included and it’s a 39k lease