Lease buyout XC60 - need help!

I have 2019 XC60 T6 Inscription with <20K miles. Lease expires in June. Residual is $34K. Can you help me decide what to do when the lease expires?

  1. Negotiate return to the dealer to get in on a new XC60 and hope he will give me a discount.
  2. Buy the car out with cash and sell to CarMax at ~$4K profit. Sucks that no 3rd party buyout on Volvo.
  3. Finance the car and own it for 2-3 more years and sell then.

What options you like the most? I am leaning toward financing and owning for a few years. But I am very unfamiliar with the process… If anyone can briefly map that out - it would be very helpful.

take one of my demo b6’s and we can use the equity in the lease.

Buy out and keep it, if you like it. But you’ll lose any equity you have now in a few years. Leases suck now.

This makes the most sense.
Does Volvo offer bumper to bumper warranty purchase after lease expires? If they do, what it’s called?

You get the remainder of the factory warranty and can buy a CPO or aftermarket from a dealer or anyone else


Should I wait until lease end to buy it out, or buy it out now? My lease expires end of June.

You didn’t mention if you have another vehicle to replace this if you sell, if you don’t it changes everything.

Interest rates matter, if you finance. So grab what you can now.

You mean before fed rate hike?

I have 2 payments left on a lease. You think buy now or wait till lease is over?

What difference your two payments make? You either pay them now as part of your payoff or pay them through June.

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Hello. My lease on Volvo expires on June 26th. When do I start the buyout process?

  1. Can I start the buyout process right after my last payment on May 26th, or does it take more time? I don’t want to end up in the position when Volvo financial will tell me ‘too late to buy it out now’… thoughts? I will need financing.

  2. If I want to try and sell the car back to Volvo and benefit from the difference between residual and the price that Volvo will pay , how soon before the lease end should I start visiting dealers to get their quotes?

Well the bad news for you is if you aren’t replacing it with a Volvo, they won’t let you do that. You have to buy the lease to resell and pay tax.

Many lenders have 30-45 days rate lock, so start shopping for financing 1 month before.

So the Volvo won’t buy my car out if I’m not getting another Volvo? Why wouldn’t they? They can CPO it and sell for a few $$ more…

Yeah, you return it to them and pay that fat dispo fee, then they make that money. Why would they need to buy it from you when they can just get it back without having to pay for it.

Because someone really smart at Volvo figured out how they can make money and not you. By preventing a dealer buyout.

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He obviously equals Volvo to a Volvo dealer.

Ok. So let me get this straight. If I want to sell my car after lease end, I can only sell it to carmax, carvana, etc or private, but I cant sell to the Volvo dealer?

No you got it wrong.

If you want to sell a LEASED Volvo car that is currently a LEASED car, you can only give it to a Volvo dealer as a trade in for another Volvo.

If you buy the car and get the title, it’s yours and Volvo cannot stop you from selling it to anyone including another Volvo dealer.

The key is who still owns it. you RENT a lease, you don’t own it until you send a giant check to Volvo

Of course you lose 2-3k in TTL which is why it’s not all that much fun.


Thank you. Can I sell the car from Volvo financial to Volvo dealer without paying taxes on the car?

Meaning tell the dealer - “hey I’m not going to buy this car, but I will allow you (Volvo dealer) to buy it from Volvo financial, cut me $3k check”.

I read somewhere that this is an option, but I may be wrong. Sorry if this sounds dumb.