Lease buyout XC60 - need help!

If it is still a LEASE, the answer is no. Until you pay the $2-3k in TTL, they will not let you do anything except trade it in for another Volvo…that’s about it.

You got a Volvo, the most restrictive Lease in current existence. Well except some BMWs which are guaranteed to be underwater on. Oh and Tesla which doesn’t let you buy it out.

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No, you can’t. As others said before - only if you buy another Volvo. But if you do get another Volvo, then you don’t pay tax.

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You can tell that to the dealer only if you buy or lease another Volvo from the same dealer. Otherwise, dealer will just laugh at you.

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Got it! Ok, so I am down to 2 options really - 1) work with dealer to get a better deal on my next Volvo, 2) buy the car and do whatever I want with it. is that accurate?
by the way, thanks for all your responses, very helpful!!

Yup, and Option 2 usually includes Tax Title and License fees…


After 26 posts and 20 answers you are back to your original post? Seriously?

Another question. My payoff amount is $38,138.06 according to Volvo Financial. Payoff should include residual $34K + 1 monthly payment remaining $575 + fee for purchase $350. What is the $3K difference, are they adding tax? Do I pay tax to Volvo Financial when buying the car, I thought I pay it at DMV?

I see that most folks are selling their cars to Carmax and alike, but anyone tried selling cars to private party recently? What’s private market like?

I have about $3K equity in my car if I sell to carmax or similar place, but according to KBB maybe $8K if I sell privately.

But not sure what the market is like, and if I want to deal with scammers, etc. (KBB value $45K).

You cant sell a lease to a private party.

you should sell it to KBB.


I don’t recommend. They picked my car, and i am still waiting for the check !!!

Yea. I will buy it first, then sell. I am just curious if I should sell to a place like CarMax or private sale on autotrader etc. I last sold on auto trader years back and it was a $4K car. This is $45K car (according to KBB private party estimate). So wondering what the private sale market is like… or people generally buy from dealers these days?

sales tax is included


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