Lease buyout or new lease?

My first ever car lease is coming to end next month. Need your suggestions on whether lease buyout is better or to sign up for a new one. Below are the details:

2018 530e iPerformance sedan( base model with no special packages)

Current Mileage : 14,700
Maturity Mileage : 36,000
Includes excess wear and tear protection:$2000
Duration: 36 months
Residual Value: $32,767
Dispostion fee:$350
Location: SoCal( Thousand oaks)

One of the sales person mentioned that there will be additional $2,500 charge for bmw certification if opting for buyout. Is this optional? Also, there will be Sales Tax i guess…including all of these it rounds up to ~$38-39k.

X4 is my fav option for next lease. I could hardly find them in any inventory of nearby dealerships.If you know of any deals, please do share.

Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you decide to buy-out, recommend reading through the BMW Wiki and FAQ on buying-out your BMW lease

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Extend your lease as long as possible and push this can down the road as far as possible.

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Thank you! I will check with dealership.

Your lease is with BMWFS, not the dealership. You should talk to BMWFS about extensions.


Feel free to email me with the last 7 of the VIN and current miles if you’d like a lease buyout quote.

Dave Townsend | BMW of Murrieta

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