Lease Breakdown

I’ve been going back and forth and one dealer gave me the breakdown I requested. Just a few questions. How did he get the “AMT Applied upfront” being 1,072.72? I assume its the tax of the rebate/incentives?

At the bottom right where it says “sale profit -2,045.00” is that what he is making from this sale? Because if that’s true then I can use that to my advantage and manipulate the selling price more.

Thanks for any and all help

You see minus sign? Means their loss, I guess.

If true, that’s wild that a $250/mo payment on a $23k Kia loses a dealership $2k. I’m wondering if that’s just the difference between total payments versus adjusted residual or something.

Yeah, whatever it means - just pointing out that “minus” means loss, not profit.

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This is so he could exclaim: I am literally losing money on this deal, can’t go any lower.

Yeah I assume the program follows some formula to make people say what xxhaimbondxx said… I didn’t think the manager would be so stupid to show his profit on a deal. Just weird where the number comes from. Unless its from the MSRP and selling price difference? idk.

Now I’m just trying to get sub 20k selling price.

No way they are actually losing 2k on the deal. They will get kick back from the manufacturer afterwards.

That high mf has plenty of profit and plus some.

I was thinking of negotiating the MF to 3%, but someone said if that’s the base MF then I can’t do anything about it. I already posted on edmund forum asking and they responded with that MF. So =/

what car is this? you could get a much better deal by leasing a toyota.

kia optima LX (base model no packages) 2018. I was thinking of maybe doing a different car but I liked my current optima. No issues with it really and I’m a person that tends to stay with what works… Just waiting to make more money and get a Tesla haha.

I’m leasing a kia as well and I like it, but getting another kia lease would be difficult due to their horrible mf and rv. Those large incentives are taxable, so it doesn’t help.

In your lease, finance charge is like $60 extra a month.

I’m sure other cars are better, but I’m a man of complacency. If it works don’t fix it. I kinda wanna ask if I could lower the MF, but I feel the dealer will take my question as “he doesn’t know so I will say no you can’t” when I might be able to.

I say Kia’s MF is not negotiable. Also, Kia’s appreciation for being a loyal costumer is waiving the disposition fee, when other manufacturers add $1500 or more in incentives.

If you are getting the base money factor already then you can’t lower it unless they do multiple security deposits.

Makes sense. I would think all or at least most of them waive the disposition fee.

Do you guys suggest rolling my fees (except first month and the DMV stuff) onto my monthly payments or pay those upfront? Or is it a personal preference type of thing?

if MF was low, I would roll in, but with these numbers, it’s a toss up. You’d lose it all in the event of a total loss if you paid upfront.

I see what your saying.

Haim do you have GAP insurance? I don’t think KIA offers it automatically unless I’m wrong about that.

You guys think it would be outrageous to ask for 19000 selling price (which would be 2k off from the 21000) and for them to pay my first month payment? One dealer seems really antsy and wanting to make a deal with me badly… Thinking of testing the waters with that offer.

The dealer who really wants my business, or so it seems, just offered 20992… LOL what a slap to the face offer. Who says “yeah I can beat his price by 8 dollars!!”… These salesmen are so funny.

Most, if not all brands, waive the disposition fee if you stay with the brand.

Since this will be my second lease I had a quick question about my remaining payments. When the dealership says they will take care of my last 2 remaining payments for my current lease, do they put it in the contract? If so, what do they do? Add that to the cap reduction or something?

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