Lease Breakdown

They would most probably add it on top, even if they say different. Got to watch them like a hawk.

What is the $800 up front cost?



No Gap, I’m cheap, but i’ll probably look this up for the next lease.

Some taxes and fees must be technically paid upfront, but they get covered by the dealer or manufacturer via rebates or discounts.

Well, when I asked the fleet manager about the upfront charge (which says 801.34 on the middle right of the page) he said this “my boss said it has to show on the contract but you dont have to pay it if we decide to cover it for you. So its a drive off you have to put but we are paying for it if you go 0 drive off so you dont have to worry about it. It has to show in the contact but basically we are paying for it to release the car”

Anyone care to interpret this and explain it in layman terms? lol.

Also, what is the “Amt applied upfront 1,072.72” about?

Upfront charge is just the DMV fees, taxes, etc. Amount applied upfront are those fees plus 1st month. The dealer isnt taking care of any of that themselves. The rebate is covering that, then the remainder is used as CCR.

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This is a common misconception (and I bet its based on people who haven’t read their lease forms closely). I read the GMF forms closely, when one roles things into the lease, gap only covers the vehicle itself, not things rolled into the payments.

with that said, Its possible I misunderstood my lease forms, so if people have actual experience with this, I’m happy to be proven wrong.

When a dealer says edmunds is incorrect that should be a red flag right…?

This kia sales manager is saying the MSRP is like 500 more than edmunds and invoice is like 1k when compared. When I say edmunds I mean the TMV that it’s showing for the car.

What? The MSRP is on the car. I doubt the dealer has the MSRP wrong. And TMV is meaningless.

Cant a dealer use a higher MSRP and invoice even if its the same car/trim?

I don’t understand your question. MSRP is MSRP. A dealer can markup and sell above MSRP, but this is an Optima we are talking about here. They can add accessories, but that doesn’t change the MSRP used for a lease.

So you are wondering if the dealer can defraud the finance company? No they cannot.

I’ve just seen slightly different MSRP for the same car. I guess varies on color etc. idk.

Then it isn’t the same car. There is something different like accessories.

can’t different destination fees impact MSRP? so same car, specced out same, can be slightly diffferent between dealerships?

Destination is the same in the US, I believe. What can make difference is port installed options.

Destination fee wouldn’t change whether the car was delivered next door or 3k miles away in the US.