Lease assumption on 2015 BMW i8:

Hi, all-
Just putting the feelers out there.
I’m debating a downsize, considering the sale of my lease, any interest in a mint-gray/black interior, 2015 I8? $4k down (obo, to offset my down payment) $1092.62/month. Lease expires March of 2018, 10k miles/year, comes out to around 833 miles a month, car currently has around 9k miles on her. Gives you just over a year to enjoy. The car is a blast, 0-60 in the low 4s, but 65mpg on average! Location is SC, but happy to research shipping. Happy to send pics/info. Email me:
Thanks for looking!

Here’s a link:

Technically that downpayment not sure abyone would be willing to give. You already used part of it during the months you kept the car. Good luck though.

Thanks, I’ve got a couple offers for now. I think the big allure is the short term commitment. I’m open to any offers, of course, regarding the down payment.

Leasing/buying these is like catching a falling knife. No one knows the bottom for the prices on these and if the other gas/electric cars are any indicator it could be 50% of MSRP within the next year.

I am in if the 2014 i8s would be selling for 40-50k.

With MSRPs of 140-150k I’d imagine they’ll be 75k within the year.

I would be interested. Wouldn’t put any money down on a lease by the way. Defeats the purpose to me of making a payment.

Located in Georgia by the way.

How long has it been for sale? That should tell a story of the difficulty in moving an expensive, used, halo, 2 seater.

@BMWi8 Do you know what the RV $ values is on your current lease contract? Current auction prices on a 14MY with ~20k miles are around $90k. Prices are expected to fall about 4-6k on the same equivalent model a year from now.

Well, it looks like it never sold in the first place - just moved from BMW to BMW dealership since 06/2015, like a lost soul. But its most recent incarnation as a CPO has been on sale since January. Agreed with all you said, an adding impractical to the list of shortcomings. What was BMW thinking??? They should probably run a promotion - lease/buy a 7 series and get an gently used i8 for free lol

Don’t laugh at the idea! A dealer here in LA ran a promotion (I believe it was in 2015) to include an i3 lease with the lease of one of their pricier offerings. Granted an i3 is no i8, but they needed to do something to clear i3 inventory nobody wanted.

I remember seeing a 1k/month i8 lease here not that long ago. Maybe BMW should consult with Maserati on how to move slow selling/leasing cars.

An i3 is more useful than an i8. With the i3, I could take both my boys to their games or take the bicycle in the trunk (after folding down the seats)

With i8, I don’t think I saw trunk space to fit groceries nor woud it fit in parking garages (those doors lol)

And unfortunately, rather than calling it quits, BMW is going to double down on the i8 folly with a convertible lol

BMW i8 Spyder spied out of its element in the snow
The top is still on here, but that makes sense given the frigid weather.

After multiple concepts depicting the BMW i8 without a roof, the German automaker hasn’t hidden its intentions eventually to offer an open-top version. A new batch of spy photos is further driving home the point that the i8 Spyder is finally getting close to actually going on sale. When the high-performance hybrid eventually arrives on the road, don’t expect to see many of them on the snow-covered roads of Sweden like this example during cold-weather evaluations.

The Spyder ditches the coupe’s rear glass, and nacelles run behind the seats instead. Otherwise, camouflage covers the entire exterior of this prototype. It’s possible that the ample concealment might be necessary because this is the refreshed body for the i8. For instance, the front fascia appears to have a simpler design than the current part. Although, the piece could just be another way of setting apart the Spyder from the other body style.

I had an i3 for a few days when BMW was trying to get people to try it. I liked it, but if you’re thinking it’s any sort of family hauler, think again. The back seats are bigger than they appear from the outside, but it’s a cramped fit.

A bike in the back? No way unless you get a hitch or roof rack. This is still a small car.

The other issue? The REX version they gave me had a faint smell of gas in the car when the combustion engine was running.

That i8 does look tasty. It’s not practical, getting in and out is a bit of a chore and to your point about groceries, it’s not a Costco-friendly whip, but it still looks great.

I leased an i3 Rex for 2 years lol.

Bike in back, doable, front wheel has to come off, back seats folded and front seat moved up.

Gas smell, not sure but certainly the sound of motorcycle engine. I did a 200 mile trip once and had to fill up twice.

Seats are ok but doors are terrible, needing front door to be opened first, so kids complained a lot

I drove an i8 for the BMW drive event.

I totally agree with the getting in and out of i8 but I ascribed that to the stiffness of my joints lol :slight_smile:

Plus driving felt more like lying down since it is so low to the ground

Shhh … we need to get BMW to make the cars first, then have it sit in the lot for 13 months as “new” and then lease hack it for $0 down and $1k/mo.

Have them make like 1,000 of them :wink:

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