Lease a Mustang with $0 down

I have yet to find a 2019 Mustang in the Midwest with a great lease. Called/emailed most dealers in the local area and the salespeople are by far the creepiest and rude except for one dealer that incidentally has the car I want The problem is with 10500/36m and right around 28,000 it leases too high.

Anyone ever seen a sub $300 lease with 10speed auto and Sync3 on a base? Lease cash of 2k ends monday. Been quoted at no less than $360, $1000 DAS total

You’re not getting a Mustang for that payment, even this Enterprise spec one. RV is totally awful. If you really want one, your best bet is to finance a GT, they seem to hold their value fairly well. Either new or used but seems like the purchase rebates are much stronger than lease AFAIK.


ha yeah I should probably find a website that …idk…has experts in figuring out how to hack leases. That being said, I’m 30 years old and won’t buy a Mustang since I anticipate midgets running around the house by lease end. The “Enterprise spec” Mustang is what it is and as a result, I refuse to pay typical lease prices. Hell, the 2019 330i xDrive Gran Turismo ($55k) is leasing at the same price!

can’t hack something that doesn’t cooperate bro, ford knows the mustangs and pickup trucks sell well hence they are reluctant to have favorable lease numbers, only way you come out is if you get a huge dealer discount, lucky for pickup truck buyers there’s a huge amount of markup and profit in trucks, unlucky for you cause I don’t think there’s 5-10k of profit sitting in a mustang.


No, you should probably try to understand how leases work and not make up imaginary monthly numbers that you’d like just because BMWs are leasing good.


Maybe look at this from another perspective: you were looking at Imprezas, Alfas was it?, then Accord Sports, now the Mustang.

If I understand right, your budget is 300/mo plus tax $0 DAS (we all have budgets). You have $10,800 to spend for 3 years of utility and rent driving whatever.

Most leases have residuals around 50%, with 10k miles/ur you can get into the low 60s. Call your chunk 40% and we’ll make the money factor 0.00 (if you want a Ford Fusion, it’s close).

Ok your Mustang is $29,380+++ 40% of 30k is $12k which is 333.33/mo with no tax and no interest.

My suggestion is: forget whatever deals there were on BMW’s in April and May, and unless you want a 3-series loaner (you keep mentioning but don’t express interest), forget about them too. Cat food may be on sale, but I don’t have a cat.

If your budget is 300$ month all-in, you are looking at the wrong cars with no cash on the hood. No amount of lease hacking can turn $1 USD into $1.75 in Ford bucks. If you want to let loose before you had kids running around maybe look at a base WRX, base GTI, Civic Sport, something that is closer to 25k, and still bring checkbook for first payment. Or feel free to hack your own unicorn.

Another limitation you have is dealers / inventory where you are. I ran into that much more when I was in Ohio than either DC (east) or SoCal (west). Where there is scarcity, non-volume dealers (most of them) sit on their ripening bananas like it’s a fine cabernet getting better with age.


“No, you should probably try to understand how leases work and not make up imaginary monthly numbers that you’d like just because BMWs are leasing good”.

What imaginary numbers have I made up? Also, don’t be an internet stereotype. Only an idiot would admonish someone for trying to find a good deal on a lease… on a lease savings website.

You said you want to be sub $300 on it. Do you know what discount % you need for that?

If something is completely unreasonable and unrealistic, it deserves to be pointed out. Your goal is unreasonable.

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Thanks for doing the math on it. Midwest is interesting because it always seems like leases are either too high, or dealers scramble to sell old stock.

Budget is $350/m, $3000 DAS. But, like everyone else, I would prefer $300 a month and only fees/1st due. Could do $5k down on a finance deal, but at that point it would be months of research since I would buy used. At that amount, I can set it on autopay and don’t have to think about it.

Yeah, I haven’t been actively seeking a car in a long time- so I’m interested in a number of models. Having never driven a BMW (other than a neighbors 4-series one time) I don’t have any connection to the brand- but I’m well aware of current lease value.

This is an ironic site in that realistic financial facts are given at the same time as talk of unicorns. Would be interested to hear of anyone’s recent luck with Mustangs before I have to do walk of shame into Hertz used cars.

Most of us do.

If you post a specific lease proposal with all of the necessary numbers and ask for feedback on how to improve it, you may be more satisfied with the results you receive here.

You will still get unsolicited advice (“Mustangs lease poorly,” or “Chevy Dingo has an extra $1,000 factory cash this month,” etc.), but pick through the comments to find the ones that are useful.

I created a thread in Off Ramp to make fun of people who don’t know how to correctly use a dollar sign. Not everything on the internet is brilliant or helpful.


“If you post a specific lease proposal with all of the necessary numbers and ask for feedback on how to improve it, you may be more satisfied with the results you receive here”

Will do. I see why there are brokers now. Did see a 2018 premium mustang gt convertible going for 34000 new. Its in kona color though. Point being that deals like that are probably not on truecar, but dealer specific.

No, you don’t seem to have a clue how a lease payment is calculated and you’re wasting your time typing at us instead of taking the time to learn. There is a reason why it is possible to lease a $55k BMW for $300/mo but it’s impossible to lease a $30k Mustang for $300/mo. Read leasing 101 and play with the calculator - RV, MF, selling price discount, incentives. Or alternatively, hire a broker, but when they say the same thing I did about the Mustang don’t get upset.


It seems like what you want and willing to work for are two different things. I wanted a $500 a month Durango R/T with true sign and drive, people said it couldn’t be done. I put in the work waited for the right rebates and got the truck I wanted, hell they even made my first payment. You can’t come on here and expect others to hand over the hard work they have done unless your willing to pay a broker fee, what you can come on here and do is find some of the smartest lease hackers who can educate and break down the deals you have received. Teach a man to hack he will hack forever, give a man a hack he will be paying broker fees forever.

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Don’t worry OP, people on here just tend to be… abrasive.

Mustangs really don’t lease well, ever. In your case I’d probably consider financing a new GT (as suggested before) and then selling it when you’re ready for a new car or lease. Another idea is that 2015+ Mustangs from this generation sell in the low teens. If you finance, you’re looking well below 300/month. The bright side to this too, is that they won’t have much more depreciation.

I’ve bought a car like this before and miraculously managed to walk away after driving it for 3 years and not lose any money at all.

Honestly I very heavily considered doing it again and scooping up a 15’ mustang. They look better pre-facelift too imo.

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I’m going to call this out.

Nothing was abrasive about the first response here. The only thing abrasive was the OP not wanting to accept the reality of the situation.

You literally restated a fluffed version of this.


I didn’t necessarily say the first response was abrasive. Just in general, a lot of the popular/hip posters on here that are in the “cool guy car club” tend to be needlessly rude and abrasive, especially to new users.

OP was a dick, granted.


vw28, I think you need to do a bit of downselecting on the cars you want. And maybe rank them by “Want” and “Leaseability”. For some reason, it seems that you believe any car you want can be had for the payment of a loaner 4 series - the best lease deal available at the moment. You need to understand, that some cars simply don’t lease well, a mustang is one of them. I’d recommend that you do a simple search in this forum for a given car you want and see if any decent deals have been posted on it recently. If you can’t find any, chances are that it doesn’t.

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Lol! Sorry that was funny

Thank you, finally I get acknowledgement that my 2005 Odyssey is indeed cool :rofl:


There is a massive level of that but I think when you flip flop a lot and ask advice, without showing numbers or putting in “any” work at all…people get annoyed. You see when somone new to lease hacking puts in the work, everyone comes out to support “and flame” them haha.