Lease 2022 Escalade, Tahoe, Durango, etc

What’s the deal with the Escalade 2022?? No rebates at all.

I’m eligible for two rebates in general from Cadillac: I’m currently lease Cadillac, and from my job.

Thing is that I can get these two offers on the xt4/xt5/xt6 which are not a Cadillac - they just a boring SUV’s with the Cadillac logo.

Anyone knows if there’s any chance that in the next 1-2-3 months there gonna be any rebates / incentives on the Escalade?

In some dealerships they told me there not gonna be any incentives on the Escalade until at least next year, and that also, even! gm workers do not get any incentives on the Escalade.

I was thinking maybe now with the new 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ maybe most of the demand will go to the LYRIQ and maybe finally there gonna be any incentive on the Escalade?
Is it just a Wishful thinking or possible?

Also Cadillac might debut the Celestiq in June

What do you guys think?

Should I just give up and get the Durango / Tahoe instead? I don’t want to pay more than ~$900/month and I hoped that with the two rebates I could get the Escalade under $900

Unlikely to see any rebates when the vehicle sells itself. People are paying as much as 20k over msrp on Escalade


And the LYRIQ/Celestiq not gonna change nothing?

Doubt it. You are comparing a Full size SUV to a mid size.

People dont buy Escalades for gas mileage either.


No way you’ll get an Escalade at that price. You probably can’t even get a Tahoe with that budget.


Tahoe is around ~$800-900/month, spoke to dealership
What I’m checking now is if they will give me the discount for having already Cadillac, because it’s anyway gm , they said they might

Durango is ~$500/600 which also a potential, however with dodge I have a very negative experience

I try to look also into Yukon Denali but seems it’s very hard to find them
The LYRIQ is interesting, but I need at the moment more seats and the LYRIQ only have 5 (need two rows and a class …)

A dealership can make any monthly payment whatever you want it to be.


Yeah maybe with $5-6K down.


Can you post the calculator for the discount/MF/rebates that are showing you $800-900/month payments on a Tahoe?

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Are the XT[numeral] models just rebadged / dressed up versions of other GM vehicles?

I’m not that familiar with Cadillac, but from afar the Escalade looks like that to me…

… like a Suburban that’s festooned with 15 pieces of flair. :mirror_ball:



That’s exactly what the Escalade is. Welcome to GM, OP. The only vehicles unique to Caddy are the CT sedans.


As is always the case, the dealership is not the place to determine what something should lease for. They’re just going to play hide the sausage with the down payment to make the monthly fit whatever amount you say you can’t exceed.

I’m sure they’d be happy to get you an Escalade for $800-900/mo too, as long as you ignore the upfront costs.


Well I suspect OP is still in 2020 when Caddy was giving $20k rebates on Escalades…now it’s $20 ADM aka, $40k in extra payments


I asked for a price with 0 down. With 5-6k down they said it will be around ~$700/month
They didn’t give me an accurate price, I spoke to them and asked for estimation as I also looking for other options.
The sales manager said with 0 down payment price per month for 36/month 12k miles/yr will be around ~$800/900

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read my answer above - it was price estimation from a dealership

I drive the CTS and I like it

my goal was to try to get the Escalade under $1k/month with the two rebates I’m eligible - the loyalty (already lease Cadillac) and from my job.

Actually the reason I started this thread was not to discuss the Tahoe, rather to discus the possibility of GM give some rebates on the Escalade later this year …

A base premium lux on supplier w/ just supercruise is going to be around $1200 w/ inceptions DAS.

Edit: off by about $130 per month lol


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Not a chance in the world my friend.