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I agree. just be a more lenient with what is being moved :stuck_out_tongue:


Off topic landfill and moderation landfill(private) sounds like a good idea. Though having just the one public thread is fine too


I think a compromise would be functionality for disputing moderated content by the poster to the admins but if I may, I would not recommend leaving flame wars, spam and junk posts be left out in public.


You said that, hence it is where it is :slightly_smiling_face:


thats educative :stuck_out_tongue: i dont like it when people say wrong colors from what they actually are


If a poster has a thread in Share Deals then sure, do whatever you want. I created Trophy Garage for one purpose only - pictures and numbers.


ok fine I respect that.


Man i just pointed out the guy should have financed. I thought that was valid and i did compliment on the picture. And if that came as critique i thought we can point out things. I promise my name is not Milo or Ben Shapiro can i please look at what everyone thought of it? :slight_smile:

I get the top garage and agree with the teddy bear :slight_smile: but maybe we can see landfill as free form and for certain take out abusive comments.


I don’t see the reason to hide it, but it was @kmdukez’s idea :smirk:


We’ve come full circle. My intention in hiding it was so that flame wars wouldn’t continue. When the comments disappear and can no longer be read, it simmers down fights immediately.

Great idea, right?..

Right, guys? …

… Guys?


It can be closed topic but not hidden, can it? :slightly_smiling_face:


Good thought. But there are certain users here who will continue it on other threads if they have the ability to read old posts for context.

In fact, you wouldn’t believe the types of PMs I get from users who try to start (and continue) beef…

Or would you?


I would. Why do you think that I’m any different in that sense? :wink:


is there a way to make it public but not allow posts?


I love the forum form because of its freedom of expression and informality, which draw entertaining discussions and creative thoughts, on top of the community knowledge it is able to garner. Yet like all free societies, there is a balance to strike between unrestrained expression and the safety and quality of the community. In my general opinion:

  1. Spams and abusive comments should be immediately flagged and deleted; they don’t even deserve to be landfilled;

  2. Expression of gratitude is better served through “likes” so the conversation is not interrupted by thank you comments;

  3. Irrelevant but benign comments can stay as long as they don’t steer the conversation off-topic;

  4. Landfill thread should be public because readers have the natural curiosity to read what have been removed, even they have been deemed irrelevant (and I would argue especially when they have been deemed irrelevant); this curiosity does no harm to anyone else;

  5. I don’t see why anyone would want to start a flame war in the landfill thread, given that it is so fragmented and not likely to be read (I may be wrong); I will unlist the Landfill topic so it doesn’t show up on the homepage and the latest and unread list; if the said flame war gets out of control, we will incinerate the garbage (yes landfill reference here).


#1: we don’t have “delete” option to remove “Spams and abusive comments”. This is the reason we locked Landfill in leu of “delete”.
#2: this is exactly what I expect in Trophy Garage, instead of multiple “Great deal, congrats! Can you share… And what are the details…”


True it takes 3 flags to hide a post. In that case we can create a locked Incinerator thread to burn spams and insults at once, though flagging might still be a more democratic way to limit abuse.


Democracy is the best thing, but when you see racial comments or personal attacks - you need to act.


Actually i get nothing but praises and thanks. :slight_smile: maybe they think i am nyclife.

So what was final decision, also can i see those comments about the audi. The censorship is getting to me. :grin: