Landfill Post Deletion of comments


You know i was just giving ursus a hard time with that. :slight_smile:

Thats all i ask for. I am glad you guys listening to the peasants.


I’ll also add that we do listen to the comments, critiques, and suggestions. In fact, we have regular threads and often even have disagreements on how best to manage spam and inappropriate comments. You’d be unpleasantly surprised (and slightly disappointed in humanity) how much crap gets posted and how many spam accounts surface.

As for the landfill, it’s nothing interesting to go through. I’ll admit that it was my idea to make it non-public so if you need someone to blame… :wink:

But the point is that when there is gunslinging and spam we don’t want it to negatively impact user experiences and make it harder for people to find the information they want. And we don’t want you to download viruses and then blame us for not protecting your Windows XP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Some things are quite clear-cut…some are more subjective where some moderators might find it off-topic enough to warrant removal, whereas others would have let it slide. Even SCOTUS isn’t always unanimous.

It’s an interesting topic, though, trying to find the balance between over- and under-moderation. As for why I didn’t comment earlier, it can take a while to catch up after even just a couple days away from the forum.


You’re never going to please everyone. Someone’s always going to be upset vs satisfied. Same thing applies here.


Man why you acting so friendly with elites. :slight_smile: The proletariat class will always win.

Again, nothing against mods just giving a suggestion. Ursus is the de facto leader though. Took it head on. Just like my man Trump. :slight_smile: (just joking)


Only because you posted about the thread I cleaned up. Others would respond in the same way if you talked about their moderation.
Trump, huh?


Man take a compliment why being so modest. :slight_smile: Seriously it was latest example of a thread and no way clearly directed at you. I mean that. I am just trying to join the elites that is why i feel like have to explain that it was just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

Anyone that can beat political dynasties that have been running this country for 36 years and the media is someone that i would say take things head on. (Though no clue how he won)

You guys do a fine job and the voters are clearly pleased with you, or this thread would have been on fire. :slight_smile:




They are too scared of Jon.


@Ursus Grizzly you are killing all posts on trophy garage !



lol where did you get that !!! hahahahah


All off top goes to Landfill from there. Pictures and basic deal info only.


So no congrats ! or comments or inquiries if i can get the same deal on opposite coast … :stuck_out_tongue:


I keep congrats there, if you noticed. But kill congrats with questions, etc.


If you check mine, it was congrats and correction on color :stuck_out_tongue: no questions i think :smiley: but thats fine dont worry


A compromise is to move the Landfill thread to an open category so everyone can see what has been removed, while still keeping the original topics clean and on-point.


What is this compromise you speak of? We rule with iron fist, like soviet russia!

In soviet russia, deal makes you! :rofl:



If you want us to do that, we can. But that would pose issues with violent types who just want to argue. Does it make sense to have a public one for offtopic and a private one for spam, verbal abuse, threats, etc?


My true $.02 is its fine as-is. Too many routing locations probably increases the overhead for quickly moving through posts.