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Ok i been on the forum for a couple of years and been an active member and provided feedback or help as needed. However, i have a complaint/suggestion to make in regards to posts closing or comments going to landfill (which i seem to have no access to). While the trusted hackers do a good job here, feel like they too quick to delete or close stuff down even if they are off ramp or whatever. Most recently i was reading on the post where forum member did not purchase car but did not figure out what happened as it got shut down. While moderation is important i think having an open forum is even more important. I promise will try to keep any potential positive comments about current POTUS to a minimum (suprised have not been banned for it yet) :slight_smile: and mods promise to not be so quick to shut things down. Growing up in communism heavy moderation kind of irks me. Again, just my 2 cents.

Off Topic Landfill

Why would you want to read anything from someone who changed hid user name to “account_deleted” anyway? :sunglasses:
And deleted his post.


Man just loved the drama. Kind of messed up leaving broker high and dry like that. If that is what happened. I think its a lesson in terms how we as members of the community are acting, what to watch out for, etc. Just an opinion, after twitter and maybe a couple of shows, this forum is my other drug. Very rarely do not check at least once a day.

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So, what are you saying? :thinking:


Man would have liked to see the ending that is all. Or figure out who was right. But other topics get shut down too this is just specific example that i am using. Let things linger a bit longer.

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Why if OP decided to kill it? It becomes obsolete and everything else after that is rubbernecking.

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Yeah I feel the same way. Sometimes it’s called for but it’s waaaay too heavy handed around here.

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I’ll echo NY13 and bfourey comments. There is a handful of post I’ve clicked on where it’s been moved to the landfill seemingly because the person is asking for residual and MF. I know that is typically deferred to edmunds but the subtopic still says MF/RV… Not a good way to treat new users.

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Was the topic relevant or did someone hijack the thread?


When I’ve seen them, it was strictly a question of asking what the RV/MF was. I do not know if there were other comments that had been deleted/moved already.


Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I think the mods do a fairly decent job of keeping the threads on topic by moving unnecessary/irrelevant/off-topic discussions. Or, the threads where people can’t read and follow directions, and post in topics that aren’t intended for questions, considering there is only a select few mods.

Are they overzealous sometimes…maybe. However, overall, I think the moderation keeps things on topic, and helps future users by not having to sift through useless junk when trying to search for something.


Agree. This site has experienced explosive growth and has required a lot more hands on management. Not all contributions are relevant or appropriate.

This place has a steep learning curve, but doesn’t hold a candle to some of the credit card/airline miles/hotel points hacking sites out there.


Hmmm i wish I had access to landfill … dats all im saying lol

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Everything there was in the open before. You snooze you lose :sunglasses:




Trying to be a smooth tyrant too with emojis and what not. Funny most other mods have stayed away from this topic but ursus. I assume he is the defacto leader of the elites. :slight_smile:


I don’t hide :smirk:
p.s. others are active in private LOL

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he wishes he was :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:

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Not sure it requires every mod to chime is as one has already provided some feedback. I’m going to say that
we strive to do our best to moderate as we continue to make changes and evolve. These comments are welcome and are being looked at and taken into consideration.

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