Land Rover Defenders Available 3 (First Edition, HSE, SE)

Currently have 3 defenders on the ground & available for sale, can be leased, finance or cash with nationwide delivery.

First Edition (Silver/Black)
HSE (Blue/Acorn)
SE (Brown/Black)

Let us know if you have any questions!

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How do the leases look?

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I’m guessing not great. I have a deposit on a First Edition. I think I’ll just buy it. I didn’t even ask for lease figures but I will before I pick it up this week.

How are the leases looking?

Gondwana Stone and Pangea Green are definitely the 2 best colors. With black wheels and a blacked out front bumper.

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No white steel wheels? Come on where’s your sense of adventure!

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You’re talking to the wrong guy :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate that look w the steelies. But if it’s my daily, I want people to think I’m some sort of a foreign diplomat from a country that 1) can’t afford a G Wagon or 2) doesn’t like the diplomat enough to get him one


Oh yes and I would drive it in off road height only :mount_fuji:

image image


on the 1st edition only inspections due at signing about $930/month

on the 1st edition only inspections due at signing about $930/month !

Hi any chance the blue/acorn is still around?

Any lease deals on RR sports? Looking for an HSE around 80-85k MSRP.
Located in NJ.

Steelies are the way to go. :slight_smile: