Labor day incentives good enough to eat a payment?

Have 2 leases maturing soon. Wondering if labor day incentives would make it worth eating the below 2 payments or rolling the dice and see what sept /oct incentives are. What I’m asking is, historically will the deals on 2019s get stronger or should I just jump on these current incentives. Looking to slide into a 2019 Atlas 4motion w/tech R-line and a 2019 Grand Cherokee limited 4x4.

Have 1 payment left on my Pilot, lease due back Oct 13th.

Have 2 payments left on wife’s Santa fe, due back Nov 10th


Here is a list of days that also have nothing to do with saving money when you get a new car.

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The only time I find it worth it to eat a payment, or a few is if a factory incentive is ending. Like the Dodge $10 per horsepower incentive which can be $7970 on a Challenger Red Eye. It would be worth it to eat a couple of thousand in previous car payments to take advantage of this.

Or, at the end of the month, some dealers can get a huge bonus for hitting certain sales numbers. Like a local VW dealer told me that was willing to eat a $2000 because they were 20 cars short of a $50,000 bonus from VW for hitting 400 new cars for the month. This situation requires a certain amount of inside honesty from a dealer.

The only reliable metric for best deals is the last two weeks of the month TBH.

Incentives might get stronger to get previous model year inventory out the door as the year comes to a close (Q4) as well as Q1 next year but you can’t always count on that.

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My birthday is on that list, and it was definitely one of the first ____ days. That one’s been around for years and years. Take a guess; it’s not hard to figure out.

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Wait, what? March 14th isn’t on there. Steak and…um…special hug day.

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Not all holiday sales are gimmicks. Dealers will sometimes advertise loss leaders to bring in foot traffic. If that deal works for you, you win. My sister got a brand new Ford for like 40% off on labor day. My buddy bought a Nissan the same way but July 4th. It’s silly to pretend there isn’t fierce competition on these busy car sales weekends.

And just in case you missed out on that special day. I’ve heard that the entire month of August is Anal Pleasure month. #justsayin :wink:


You could’ve gotten those deals on other days as well. Dealers here have confirmed that there is no special incentive on holidays to purchase or lease. It’s all marketing to get foot traffic into the showroom and make people think they are getting something fantastic, when in reality, they could’ve gotten that same deal or better the day before or after.

Granted, there are sometimes minor incentives tossed out of 500-1000, but nothing spectacular.

It’s also silly to pretend that there isn’t also fierce competition on the day before Labor Day and on the day after Labor Day etc… The only difference on Labor Day is that there’s a lot more people and likely much easier juice for the dealer to squeeze. If I was a sales guy I’d much rather spend my time with the get me done’s than the hackr’s.

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Agreed they could’ve gotten similar deals but 500-1000 is not insignificant. In competitive markets dealerships know they need to bring in the foot traffic

Notice I said “weekends”. Not to mention manufacturer incentives. Currently Mercedes is offering a free month on many of their models as a summer incentive in addition to their regular incentives.

Hackers are a rare breed. Many, many buyers simply dedicate one day to their next car purchase. That day is usually a weekend or holiday day off. Those are the “get me done” types you mention

What does this have to do with Labor Day?


Not sure why you’re fixated on labor day. People all across America are going to buy brand new cars that weekend… You think it’s just a coincidence that Mercedes ends that promotion exactly 1 day after labor day?? Labor day weekend every newspaper is going to run Mercedes dealership advertisements boldly proclaiming “first month free!!”

Perhaps because you are discussing incentives in a thread titled…


And it’s likely that all manufacturer programs are ending on 9/3/19 :rofl: The point is, how is September 3rd any different than August 31st?? But sure, coincidence equals causality. I bet Mercedes has never run this promotion before! Oh wait…

What’s on January 22nd?


Therefore, we have come to the conclusion here, that Labor Day is just as significant as National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day.

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Please no more Holiday sales gimmick threads. This horse has been beaten 100 times over.