LA Auto Show 2021: What new cars are you excited to see?

This Wednesday, the Leasehackr team will be attending AutoMobility LA 2021 (the Los Angeles auto show).

What new vehicles are you excited to see? Let us know if you have any photo requests or questions that we can ask on your behalf.

Here are the vehicles and debuts that we can’t wait to check out:

Dreamy High-End EVs

Would you rather have a Mercedes-Benz EQS, Porsche Taycan, Audi e-tron GT, Lucid Air, or Tesla Model S in your dream garage? It’s hard to decide, so hopefully seeing them all together in person will help.

Ridiculously Capable EV Trucks

Rivian revealed their R1T at the LA auto show three years ago; we’re curious if the production vehicle differs, and if the R1S three-row SUV is any good. Also, just how huge is GMC’s HUMMER EV truck? Or F-150 Lightning’s Mega Power Frunk?

More crossover EVs

We’re curious how Subaru Solterra and Toyota bZ4x look in the flesh. Fisker will debut the production-intent version of Ocean, their electric SUV. We also look forward to seeing Hyundai IONIQ 5, Kia EV6, and Genesis GV60 in person, along with the three-row Hyundai IONIQ 7 and Kia EV9 concepts debuting at the show. Can’t forget Nissan ARIYA as well, which is coming next year.

New Automakers

Vietnam-based VinFast will show two new electric crossovers that, for the first time, are not based on previous-generation BMWs and will be sold in the US. California-based Mullen will debut its first ever vehicle, also an electric crossover. Will these two companies succeed?

Notable New Rides

  • Audi just launched the new A3 and S3. Did they improve on their right-sized sports sedan?

  • Acura recently revealed a new Integra prototype. We’re also intrigued by the new MDX Type S, which finally packs turbo power to compete against its European competition.

  • BMW’s controversial iX will certainly be at the show. We can’t wait to check out its ultra-luxurious interior. The brand’s i4 sports sedan also looks like a promising Tesla Model 3 competitor.

  • Cadillac will have their all-electric LYRIQ SUV at the show. It looks ultra-luxurious in photos (arguably on par with ultra-luxury EVs that cost double the price), but what about in person?

  • INFINITI recently revealed an all-new QX60. Can it hold a candle to competitors and save the brand? Or will we be seeing $400/month QX60 leases towards the end of its life cycle?

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee, Grand Cherokee L, Wagoneer, and Grand Wagoneer.

  • Land Rover will be showing its all-new proper Range Rover on US soil.

  • Lexus recently revealed a new NX. Is this just a RAV4 in fancy clothes, or a strong luxury contender?

  • Mazda will debut its all-new CX-50 crossover SUV, riding on a premium rear-wheel drive architecture. Will Mazda succeed, or will this fizzle like Amati?

  • Mercedes-Benz EQE and new C-Class will be on US soil for the first time.

  • Nissan ARIYA and Z.

  • Porsche will reveal a third body style of Taycan – will it be a coupe? A cabriolet? A targa? Cayman GT4 RS will also make its debut at the LA show.

  • Subaru Solterra, WRX, and BRZ, all new for 2022.

What new cars are you excited to see?


yes please 202020

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I can guarantee that Solterra will look like… a Subaru, and not even close to the prototype (if there was one). Unless Toyota designed it, that is.

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Lucid Air.

2023 Audi A6 e-tron.

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Ding ding ding.

The soltera will look like a bz4x with a Subaru badge


Nearly 100% sure the CX-50 is based on the CX-30 platform. The CX-70 and -90 will be the RWD-based SUVs.

I imagine the CX-50 will be a boxier CX-5 w/ maybe a rudimentary 3rd row seat (a la Tiguan).

I live in LA but prob won’t have time to go. :frowning:

I’d like to know if the Civic has an improved driving position (I found the last one to have a strangely low seat and a strangely high cowl). Also wondering if the A3 has been subjected to the worsening interior fit and finish affecting US VAG cars. And does the Integra prototype look appreciably sleeker than the Civic hatch?

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Looking forward to A6 etron, i4 M50i, Cadillac lyriq, and ioniq 5.

All are in the list of cars I may shove me or my dad into.

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There will also be a Taycan GTS reveal. Rumor is that the new Taycan body will just be a sport turismo without the body armor from the cross turismo. It’s not like we have ever have either in stock or get many allocations, so I don’t know why Porsche is even spending money going down that route. Plus the Panamera Platinum too.


Prob with LA auto show is all the cool stuff is roped off. Display only.

Hopefully some cool stuff in the vendors section.

Well I’m dead set on buying a Taycan Sport Turismo GTS now. Has been holding off on placing an order till it came out. #wagongang

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The first unveiling of the LA Auto Show — Fisker Ocean.


Enjoy guys! I’m sure it’s an awesome event. Post pics of the LYRIQ & New RR

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Hyundai Seven


Not sure if it will be there but the Audi RS3

Looks like something Hyundai would do. Or like a Chinese knockoff.


Damn, was I right about Solterra? lol

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Kia EV6


Grand Wagoneer

Jeep ADU (accessory dwelling unit):

This thing is huuuuge! It’s like stepping into a building.