LA Auto Show 2018! Vehicle debuts and more


Leasehackr will be attending this year’s auto show. We’ll be providing updates and observations in this thread. What cars are you excited about?

Audi will be debuting the production e-tron GT. As a large, all-electric five-door coupe, e-tron GT will compete directly against Tesla’s Model S.

BMW will be debuting the 8-series Cabriolet in Los Angeles. We’re more interested in seeing the all-new 3-series, Z4, and ginormous X7 in person. Does the perennial Leasehackr-favorite 3-series have what it takes to be the segment leader again?

Byton will be showing two of its production-intent concept cars. Is this just another all-electric Chinese-funded startup, or do they mean business?

Honda will be debuting the all-new Passport, a two-row midsized SUV that fits between CR-V and Pilot. Perhaps Honda will find more success with this model than their last Isuzu-based Passport.

Hyundai will be debuting Palisade, a large upscale SUV. Will we see Palisades showing up on driveways in the Palisades, or will it suffer the fate of the poor-selling Veracruz?

Jeep will debut Gladiator, a Wrangler pick-up. Will Gladiator have a useful cargo bed?

Kia will debut the third-generation Soul. We wouldn’t be surprised if Soul becomes more SUV-like than before. Will AWD finally be an option?

Lincoln will reveal the production Aviator. We hope this baby Navigator retains the flair of the concept, which debuted last year.

Mazda will debut the all-new Mazda3. The current model has been a segment leader in driving dynamics, if not sales. We’re curious how the new car will improve.

Mercedes might surprise us with a Mercedes-Maybach GLS, competition against vulgar luxobarges like Bentley Bentayga. We’re also looking forward to checking out the new A-Class, G-Class, and GLE-Class.

Porsche will unveil the all-new 911. Nuff said.

Rivian will show their all-electric R1T pick-up truck. The Big Three aren’t making electric trucks, so it looks like there’s an opportunity here for this start-up.

Subaru will debut Crosstrek Hybrid, a PHEV version of their mini-SUV slash tall hatchback thing.

Toyota will be showing the all-new Corolla Sedan, including a hybrid variant. There will also be an all-wheel-drive variant of the Prius. If it uses the AWD system from the UX 250h, expect a whopping 7 horsepower rear motor.

Volvo says it won’t be debuting any cars at all. Instead, there will be a sculpture, titled “This is not a car.” We hope they’ll still have a few S60s and V60s to check out.

What do you want to see? We’ll be reporting and taking requests live!


“This is not a car” statue, of course lol

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Interested in the new Mazda3.


I can’t wait to go sit in a bunch of cars and make them fart cars.


Would anyone have a connect for discounted or free admission to the auto show this year?

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I’ve been seeing a heavily disguised Gladiator almost every morning on my commute for the last few months, so I’m looking forward to seeing that without the black and white camouflage. Also pass a similarly disguised Ford Explorer too, not sure if it’s the new model or a mule but weird that theyre testing them in the glitzy bits of West LA.

I really, really, really hope Volvo do indeed have an S60 hanging around to check out.


Was about to ask the same thing.

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Heading over there next Tuesday to check out cars that might end up in my fleet. In 2020 my wife’s i3 lease is up so we want to get some seat time in the various possible replacements, either EV or PEHV.


Will Mazda ever put a EV or hybrid drivetrain in?


oh yay they will have a new S60 there! *phew


BTW don’t count on 1K certificates from Lexus at the show. I checked with corporate.

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Need the Aviator in my life


Exclusive Leasehackr sneak preview!


New Mazda3! Looks similar to the old one, sure, but much more refinement and attention to detail. The interior is fantastic: soft touch materials throughout, and a very luxurious design and feel. This car feels more upmarket than most compacts.


The all-new Volvo This Is Not A Car. According to representatives, this is more of a concept and won’t make it to production.

Also on display: Volvo’s in-car delivery via Amazon.


I love the new design! But I’m going to echo ALL the other comments I’ve seen about it….that C pillar blindspot tho!

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The blind spot detection system will be optional lol – its a very good looking car


Current Mazda 3 Hatch owner here, don’t like the new hatch design (no C pillar window and tiny rear windows with very high belt line) or the switch to the torsion beam rear suspension. Too bad because the interior looks better, they are finally offering awd, and the skyactiv x technology is intriguing. I would seriously consider the new 3 sedan with awd and skyactiv x had they kept the independent rear suspension…


I feel the exact same way about the car. The front 75% of the car looks amazing on the outside, and the interior is amazing. Shame the back end has some weird execution / design choices that makes it just look weird to me.

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New 911. It looks and feels more digital than before. Like a 991 that’s been flattened with Panamera details scattered throughout. I’m sure it is technologically advanced, but it doesn’t have a timeless quality to it.