LA Auto Show 2018! Vehicle debuts and more


Are they giving out $1000 PINs for JLR vehicles there by any chance?


Does the rear end of the sedan look as odd as the hatch?


“This is not a car - this is tariffs”


Putting an S90 there would accomplish the same effect - Volvo - not a car that you want to buy brand new …


I had assumed all 2019 Mazda3 were getting the new Skyactiv-X engines, but sounds like they’re reusing some of the old Skyactiv-G engines. Very confusing. Was interested in seeing what the hp/torque/MPG ratings on the new engine would be, but don’t think they announced it.


The sedan version looks very conventional, like a mini Mazda6. The hatch is better in person; the design is growing on me. I’ll report back on blind spots. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Skyactiv X will be available in late 2019 but at launch they will only offer the reworked version of current skyactiv 2.5.


The e-tron GT looks amazing. I personally like it much better than the dated Teslas


The Hyundai Kona EV. And just… more EV’s in general, please. My B-class lease is up so I can’t wait around for the 2020’s!


Wow that Mazda 3 looks like it would have terrible rear visibility.


ooh they’ve actually got the E-Tron GT out on the mean streets of DTLA! I really hope they dont tone down the looks for production. It looks so goddamn good.

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its def gonna get toned down


oh pah! Who needs door handles and functioning mirrors anyway. DESIGN!


Wheels, ride height, suspension. Bet all those change on the production version


oh, Jalopnik posted pix of the new Mazda 3 hatch blind spots from THOSE C-Pillars and uhm. Yeah. It’s dark back there! Maybe it’d be better with a lighter coloured seat?


It definitely isn’t good, but my 2016 GTI’s rear visibility wasn’t much better.


Who needs to ever look back? All have back up cameras these days :grin:


Speaking of massive blind spots, I’ve seen a Camaro with the plates CANTCU (can’t see you)


Lexus really needs separate design teams that don’t influence each other.

The LS500 looks a lot like what would be designed by the Camry and Avalon designers


Its been happening like that for a while now.