Kia Telluride lease

Hello, any deals coming in the new Telluride?


I’d be interested to see this too!

Brand new popular model from a company that historically leases pretty poorly. Unless Kia throws a lot of introductory money on the hood I would expect these to lease pretty poorly relative to the competition for a while.

I’m also interested to see how the lease would be for the new Telluride.

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The numbers actually don’t look as bad as I thought they would be. MF is not great, but residuals are high and they already have some incentives. Probably can’t expect much dealer discount this early though.

That’s good to know yeah that’s right kia/Hyundai has some pretty crap MF for a long time now. Guess Palusade will be the same . I would shoot for invoice plus rebates still. There is a $2,300 incentive on a 24 month lease…

Has anyone seen/driven one yet? What did you think? Waiting any day now for one to come into local dealer.

Saw one at the auto show in Detroit. Very nice.

in ny/nj area, the 24 months lease has a 3300 bonus cash incentive and a 1000 conquest if eligible. like others said if dealers wont budge much off that sticker price youre looking to save 4300 at most. On a fully loaded SX AWD, the sticker is 47K.

Great!!. They did a $6500 incentive on the Stinger GT’s , let’s hold out lol. I would go with an EX , and a few dealers have some at $39-$40k MSRP right now by me…

still if the leasecalculator is correct in the numbers i plug in, I get right under 600 for a lease without Taxes, and a 0 drive off with taxes in payments is 700. On a 47K truck, thats horrible.


Yeah, I have $540 on my 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee MSRP $56,900. I would pay $700 for a Genesis GV80 first …

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I looked at 24 months too wasn’t too bad but the dealers …pricing hmmm?! I did $2500 down because there isn’t a field for discounts to somewhat reflect a $1500 discount or invoice on it. That’s the only way I would Lease it now is this or less

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Where did you find info on the conquest rebate?

My local dealer just responded and said loyalty /conquest is only for purchases.

I think this is pretty interesting. Note the 36, 24 months term difference in lease bonus cash,

24 is the better program that gets you the most money off the top, also 1000 lease conquest, but I couldnt find competing brands that they will take to factor in that extra 1k – edit, I am not certain that its lease conquest… you may be right that its only finance

This is weird. Contact dealer for competitive cars :confused: No way


There is a rate increase going from 36 months to 24 and an increase in 5% RV. I still found I was getting a lower payment with 36.

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