Kia Stinger GT2 AWD

I would appreciate thoughts on this offer for a Stinger GT2 AWD. I would do a lease-then-immediate-buyout which is typical for the Stinger due to the incentive structure.

Regarding Stinger quotes, it seems some dealerships have a separate $650 lease acquisition fee, while others bake it into somewhere else (maybe just the sales price?). In any case, for this quote, I don’t see a separate acquisition fee, but I have specifically verified with the dealership that it would not be added. They claim the quote includes everything. Update: I totally missed that the dealer added $650 to calculate the Gross Cap Cost without including line item for it. Sneaky! I updated the screenshot.

This isn’t the absolute lowest quote I received, but while price is important, it’s not everything to me. Other dealers seemed a bit more shady (large variance with Kia).

763 for a kia? Maybe it is right but that mf must be stupid high.

Haha, ya, I was going to calculate the MF but was too lazy. In any case, it doesn’t really matter. It affects me a bit because I’ll pay some interest on the first months payment (or maybe one extra one if there are delays with the buyout) but that’s about it. Also FWIW, this is a 24 month lease because that’s where the incentive is greatest.

Immediate lease buyout is the smartest thing to do. It’s a great way to get a 54k dollar AWD performance hatch for 40k.

My only regret is not having my stinger anymore. Loved that car.

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Just curious, why’d you get rid of the Stinger @StingerTT ?

It does matter, because if they’re bumping up the mf, you should negotiate a deeper discount than a comparable deal at base MF.

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Kia gave me the opportunity to sell back the car because of a paint issue. The paint was basically faulty. It was a huge thing.

I saw it as an opportunity to basically drive a car for free for 8 months and I took it. Then I left the country for work and I haven’t gone back to it.

I like the stinger as much as anybody, but 760 a month is ludicrous. Get an M4 for that or an M550.

For a lease quote is atrocious I got $587 for the same car without much work. I know you’re buying it out immediately but the discount is weak.

Didn’t someone just get 18% discount off on a GT2 not too long ago?

Maybe I am wrong, but score 6.8 tell me MF is too high.

You’re comparing a 36 month monthly with $1500 DAS to a 24 month monthly with $0 DAS.

What you should be comparing is the significantly better pre-incentive discount you have.

Wow, thanks for posting that @CapsCup2018. That’s a sweet deal. I have some work to do!

From what I can see:

  • Your pre-incentive discount is $4k greater than mine.
  • My rebate is $2700 greater than yours (was the rebate really that much lower back then?)
  • You bought $1400 in dealer add-ons (etching, etc.)

Assuming those dealer add-ons weren’t forced on you (and they have some actual value to you), then it sounds like your deal is about $1400 better than mine, and that’s what I can set a goal at.

Is the $900 pre-delivery service fee just a standard thing in Florida?

Florida dealers LOVE their ridiculously high dealer doc fees.

You mean pre-incentive? If so that’d be pretty amazing. I find though that a lot of deals that claim huge discounts are not easy to compare against. They often contain other fees (e.g. acquisition fee) that really should have counted towards the “% off MSRP” claim, or were forced to take a bunch of dealer add-ons that have limited value, and presumably offer large margins for the dealership.

The 18% was before incentives. I remember selling price being like 37k right. Killer deal.

If your going the immediate buy out route. You need to get the 24 month lease incentive (~$11,000). Then aim for a higher discount

Yup! That’s exactly what I’m doing. The quote uses up the $11,220 incentive, split between the capitalized cost and the up-front.

I guess theoretically the post earlier that was for $37.7k could be what you’re referring to. The smaller incentive, large fees, and dealer add-ons make it pretty similar to my quote though actually. The fees really seem to vary and matter a lot when it comes to Kia.

Which is exactly what I said in my post. I said the discount was weak.