Kia Sorento Xline $267.78, $11.2k DAS - 36/10k

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Some of you may have seen my post yesterday about feeling bad about a lease deal. With the help of some bright minds on the forum, and my gift of gab, and a dealer that was willing to make a customer satisfied… I was able to go from paying around $1500 over msrp… and $315 monthly to $267.78.

Once again I would like to thank the mods on this forum for helping me last night, although I was the butt of some jokes, it turned out better than when I left and I am now even more educated than before.

I had the opportunity to actually walk away from this deal free and clear possibly… that was my final chess move, but I did take some ownership and keep the vehicle bc at the end of the day its a great vehicle. There are better deals out there but considering I paid no adm, got to restructure a deal I signed, and I actually made the dealer get the vehicle I wanted about 500 miles away I am happy… also the first dealer I went to, had a 10k adm for the same vehicle.

If anyone would like a more extensive write up about everything I went through I will provide it and upload it in the proper place. This forum saved my family and I about $1700 over the period of my loan. And I also can leave feeling like I didn’t get as bent over as before.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: Kia Sorento Xline
MSRP: $ 43965
Selling Price:
Monthly Payment: $267.78
Drive-Off Amount: $11600
Annual Mileage $10,000
MF: .0009
Residual: 62%
Incentives: 400
Region: Georgia
Leasehackr Score: 6 something
Leasehackr Calculator Link: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR


Congrats! Would love to hear more about how you were able to get them to modify the deal.

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Nice! It’s a great car, enjoy!

Can you post the updated contract?

Please update the info in the calculator. Also include the DAS in the title.


Hey brother once again thank you! I will post once I get it.

So I used a few strategies, one staying extremely calm.

Two, I truly am a good talker and did try and build a fair amount of report with these people during the sale.

Three I came in my military uniform

Four I came prepared with several pricing scenarios and new all of my mistakes prior.

Five I was prepared to ask to walk away from the deal, knowing full well they didn’t want a “new” car on their lot woth almost 500 miles

Six I brought all of my paperwork in a folder I had from buying my last house, that had my closing attorney’s name embroidered on it.

Seven I used word like I am not satisfied and I would not recommend this experience to anyone else.

Eight I was realistic, know kia is really proud of these cars and getting it at msrp with now adm may be my best “deal” if I want this car.


IIRC your DAS was $11,200 because you got a $400 military rebate?

I received $9500 for trade, I threw dwn $1700 to pay up front taxes and fees. I am almost certain there is about $500 unaccounted somewhere as my payment should be around like $255 but it is what it is

Thoughts? Contract posted awaiting your reply.

Correct. $11200 DAS made up of $1700 cash and $9500 in trade equity. Contract shows $11600 because of the applied incentive, but a match calculator would show due at sale as $11200.

It looks like brought the sales price down to full sticker price instead of the $995 mark up. Did they cancel the lease insurance you had before?

I’m wondering if what’s happened here is they actually charged $995 for the lease insurance previously and all they did here was rewrite the contract without it.

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Nope canceled that 2. That was their first moved, then I ask to resend everything.

That’s why I said I got my price down about $1500

995 mark up
$475 bs ins fee

There is probably some truth to this. Kia just doesn’t produce or allocate many of the top trim models. Telluride SXP go for MSRP at a select few dealers across the country but only if you order from the factory and wait months. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone on the Telluride forum get an SXP off the lot without an ADM.

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In the other thread, you had posted this sticker. Is this not the car you got? It would seem it had accessories brining it to $44,910, which means you got it for under MSRP. Am I misunderstanding?

those images were of the car from a different dealer to highlight the ADM. It was not this vehicle

Check ADM ar a dealer 10 mins away. Mind you my trade was wrecked, and I made them trade with a dealer 500 miles away… I am what u would to prefer in their buisness a complete pain in the butt

Gotcha. On your original contract pictures, the section with the insurance fee is cropped out of the photos so I didn’t see it actually show up in the contract anywhere.

did we ever get to see the sticker for THIS vehicle that the deal was made on?

No sticker was shown, but based on the 62% RV and contract listed value, MSRP (and sales price) here is $43965

Since now this thread is in shared deals. Maybe post a correct calc link. Congrats!