Kia Optima Lease in NorCal - Is this a good deal?

Just curious to know if I’m getting a good deal. Don’t know all of the specifics, but these are the numbers I have pretty close.

Basically $250/mo (Total monthly payment, all fees, etc) + $3500 drive off Includes $8219 KIA Lease Rebate

2019 KIA Optima Plug-In Hybrid (no technology package)
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

**MSRP: $36,315
**Selling Price: $33500 (approx)
**Monthly Payment: $250 (that’s total, fees included)
**Cash Due at Signing: $3500
**MSD: is this for security deposit? N/A?
**Incentives:$8219 Lease credit

**Annual Mileage:10K (i believe)
**MF: not sure, guessing around .002
**Residual: $17750 (approx)

Leasehackr Score:

$3500 down??!? Don’t do that.

So basically payments equal to BMW 330e, but drive a Kia that isn’t even loaded.

Hard pass.

Huh? Optima plug-in is actually quite loaded, there is only EX option, but yeap, I would definitely go for the tech package :slight_smile:

its midsize sedan not a compact one like 330e
you get additional Californian rebates for kia
and carpool sticker
oh yeah, also Android auto

I don’t really see how this is that close to the 330e deal,

$250 includes TTL,etc. + $3500 drive off
$299 + TTL,etc. + $4500 drive off

seems to be around $5K more to lease the BMW. I can’t afford that, but does seem good for a BMW.

What are the additional californian rebates, the CARB ones? or something else?

$347 with $0 driveoff. And you should never, never, never pay drive offs. Roll it in.

that BMW example is un-reproducible. its an ex-loaner in Texas. are you kidding me?

Also, why is anything down so bad. isn’t rolling “drive-off” costs into the payment actually more expensive (you pay more interest on it)?

If the car is totaled, you lose that $.

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Can you chill with the hysteria?

Not so one off. Your offer sucks plain an simple Check my deal? 330e M Sport in CA

Regardless of comparisons seems once you factor in the dive off. Confirm the money factor is base instead of guessing and shoot for another 1k off selling price.

Also doing zero drive offs does not change the total cost as you implied.

There are $800 from PG&E at Norcal