Kia just quoted me $1011 on a $56K Telluride

What has the world come to when Kia is asking more on the Telluride than what I would expect to pay on the BMW X7.

The quote was on a 3YR 12K with $0 down.

I’d love to get either the Telluride or the Palisade but both are quoting ridiculous sums.

Leasing has a lot more to with it than comparing apples and oranges.

FWIW a $45k Mitsubishi Outlander lease “deal” had a monthly payment $200 more (including a hefty cap reduction) than the $60K Mercedes GLC 350e I leased for my wife.

Without checking, I bet that Telluride has a crappy residual.

Just… find one of the KIA brokers from socal here on the forum and work with them. Honestly, its not worth the headache you will go to find a great deal.
That being said, it is what it is. You can find other luxury brands for less.

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I believe its residual is in the 60s , I think 62 or 64 if im not mistaken

:rofl: Kia dealers think they’re sitting on gold, charging extra, and unfortunately some are crazy enough to pay it.


Someone sold a USED Kia for 3k over MSRP…

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Assuming this was an SX? Kia’s do not uphold the best residual values making leasing them not so pleasant (search up some Kia topics and you’ll see). If you were quoted that much on a Telluride run far away. During these times you shouldn’t be expecting good deals, especially on a Telluride. I’ve seen a broker offer on a Palisade in the 500 range on here

Wrong, Residual on the Telluride is actually pretty good, its in the 60s, similar to other SUVs (but a lot better than luxury SUVs)

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Telluride and Palisade are the hottest SUVs on the market right now, theres no Leasehackr worthy deals to be had on them

Instead get a Pilot from me :laughing:


Yes they are, Telluride/Palisade have always had a nice demand from customers albeit the Telluride upholds a “pretty good” rv my point still stands with Kia’s in general not upholding the best residual values within their lineups (one of the reasons why they arent big fans of doing pull aheads)

For $1,000 you can get an Escalade, X7 and apparently a Kia :joy:

They are sitting on gold. They’re getting over MSRP all day long. If you’re getting MSRP, you’re getting a good deal.

Whether you’re getting value or not, that’s open to interpretation.


They increased the MSRP due to demand, then Covid hit so supply is even less, plus Kia dealers are notorious for marking everything up. No chance you’ll get a good deal for the next 2+ years.

Wait it out, pay the price, or shop for something else.

Only.fools pay MSRP

If you are that hot for the car I’m sure some will pay but thats a fool game. There are many many more options than paying MSRP for a kia.

There are plenty of cars that go for MSRP or more. I’m with you, I wouldn’t do it, but if market forces dictate the price - and if you’re a dealer, discounting those cars make no sense, Kia or not.

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They ARE sitting on gold. Demand is far outpacing supply.

Edit: @Supakimchee beat me to the punch

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The SX is 59% for 12k. MF is too high and presumably no dealer discount

A full size discovery can be leased for less than that :joy:

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If the people you intend to put in the 3rd row aren’t all that big you can get an xc90 for half the price and a really nice xc90 (inscription) for 60-70% of the price

Palisades can be had for significantly cheaper than that.