Kia Forte purchase not lease

Kia Forte LXS with tech pkg (blind spot etc.,)
MSRP: $21, 230
TTL dealer doc fee : $2000
Add ons (tint, perma plate, lo jack, tire n wheel protection) : $1000
OTD: $24,230
Location: TX

I need something with blind spot and the closest at this MSRP is Corolla LE with blind spot added.

How’s the deal?

Corolla with “added” BSM meaning… added by who?

added by toyota duh!

something like this -

I personally would go with a Corolla vs. a Forte all day long.

Skip all the add ons, and make sure the dealer doc fee is not excessive.

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I would love to get a corolla but LE with BSM are unicorns here in TX.

The doc fee is $200 as per the break down.

You could always just check your mirrors/look at your blind spot before changing lanes.


What’s the big deal about BSM? I’ve had cars with it and don’t feel any safer, now adaptive cruise is something I’d pay extra for, and that’s standard on the Corolla.

Personal preference.

I feel like with correct mirror adjustment BSM is not super necessary, I wonder why though Toyota makes this an option? Could you do a Corolla XLE if there were no add ons?

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All corollas in my area have dealer add-ons ranging from $800 - $2500 (tint, ceramic coat etc.,). The last 4 vehicles I drove had BSM, so I am kind of used to it.

Not sure where you are but Danville Toyota in Virginia and Modern Toyota in North Carolina do not have dealer packages

I am in TX.

Not a helpful response. The OP wants BSM because they want BSM.

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Generally speaking you’ll do much better in negotiations when you speak the same language.

Anything “added” will be understood to mean added by a dealer or third party. What’s built by the OEM is a standard feature or an option.

Thank you, not sure what the BSM bashing is all about. I am sure there are different preferences for different people.

noted, Corolla LE with blind spot option.

The Corolla SE isn’t leasing that bad (vs everything else in this segment and including diff trims within the Corolla.

Take a look at it.

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I was told Corolla lease is terrible in my area (TX) but will check SE lease, Any idea about Kia (KN :stuck_out_tongue: ) Forte LXS?

People have bought Tellurides in Texas without any

I can’t see why you couldn’t get a Forte without that mostly crap. If you’re going to tint anyway and the dealer can do it for a reasonable price, then get that. The rest? No.

It’s really not, especially if you can find a dealer at MSRP.

You should be able to find a dealer at MSRP on Toyota, especially Corolla’s/Camry’s. Shouldn’t be a difficult task.

No idea about the Forte or any of these compacts but you’ll see the Corolla SE has the best residual value in the segment, so naturally you’d target that over the base LE.

I’d rather have a Corolla over the Forte fyi .

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