Kia Forte purchase not lease

There are two Toyota dealers in Texas who post deals here. One is in Houston, and the other is in DFW. If you are near these locations, you should reach out to them.

I checked around 10 dealers, This was the best deal so far. I can ship it from somewhere but it will negate the advantage with shipping costs. with gas prices, are small sedans back in business?

I did, I was informed that LE doesn’t come with BS in this area. I have to ship it from somewhere else.

Have you checked out the Hyundai Elantra? All models come standard with BSM.


Id skip the Forte. My CVT blew with 25k on the car. It happens so often the part was backordered. Dealing with Kia was god awful. Had to fight just to get a rental car. I am out on the brand. Lesson learned. Not to mention the lane centering stopped working as well.

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This doesn’t make sense to me. Sounds like something a salesman would say to push you towards the vehicle they have on the lot that doesn’t meet your needs while discouraging you from shopping the competition.

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Thank you. I am hearing a lot more about the transmission issues. I wish they weren’t true, as the LXS has everything I want.

I checked with multiple sources and multiple dealers. They all say either ship from out of state or upgrade to LE hybrid or higher.

Yup very real. I went with the Forte because it was the best car feature wise for the dollar. Doesnt mean much when the transmission blows. Luckily I was almost home when it happened and limped home. This happened on a highway drive. So it’s a heat issue id guess? In a mountainous area id never consider a CVT vehicle. Im not exactly racing the thing.

I can only imagine a Toyota dealer would have treated me a lot better. Thats the second part of it. Problems may happen. And the Kia/Hyundai dealer experience is awful. Very low rent. You are often dealing with salesmen and techs who were dropped from other dealerships and ended up at Kia.


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