Kia EV6, mustang mach e, hyundai ioniq 5 @ msrp?

How easy or hard would it be to get one of these vehicles for MSRP in California without having to wait over 4 months? I’m not too familiar with out-of-state purchases, but if that’s my best option I’d definitely be willing to look into it.

Nearly impossible. Even the brokers are over MSRP on these for in stock units.

In CA? EV6? No way. All dealers have basically presold everything, and you would have to camp at each dealer to hope for a cancellation.

Yeah I assumed it was nearly impossible but I hadn’t spoken to anybody about it so I just wanted to make sure or maybe see if anybody got lucky enough to do it and knew a way.

So does the EV6 inventory I see online at Los Angeles dealerships not actually exist or is it selling for above MSRP?

Probably both

When in doubt, all of the above.


Both, and it really depends on the type. If you want a GT-Line? Get ready for 6-8k ADM. Normal? bout 3k.

Now you want a Blue? OMG that’s so hard to get.

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That genesis gv60? is instock. Maybe listed above msrp. But can alway attempt to negotiate.

Gv60 is first gen, that usually means adm pre pandemic

OGARA westlake has a few. Not sure what’s in transit vs on the lot. Worth looking into for this type of Car

I’ve pretty much shopped all these EVs in SoCal and they are either customer orders/reserves or blessed.

Funny as most blessings are $5k + add-ons of $2500 which equals a certain Fed credit we are all familiar with.

Good luck finding one at MSRP… maybe tomorrow onward when the new law kicks all the non-domestics off the cheese.

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Same. I have looked at all EVs in CA, nothing at MSRP. 2 dealers promised me EV6s at MSRP but they haven’t had cars in stock since April (what BS is this?). I have talked to every single Kia/Hyundai dealer in CA, no bites. Since Hyundai/Kia doesn’t let you reserve, you are at the dealers whim. The best I got was one dealer willing to do at $3k.

You can order Mach_E when the reservations open up later this month at MSRP but you aren’t gonna see those before 2023

If you don’t mind smaller, check if the Niro or Kona are available. I saw brokers here listing them.

Or the Bolt EUV. I haven’t really looked at inventory for Bolts in SoCal so not sure what that looks like.

I was looking for a Kona but I couldn’t find any in stock close to msrp. The Niro is getting a redesign so I don’t think it would be the best option right now maybe after the 2023s roll out. And the bolts have had too many problems I already had ordered one before and I canceled it😪

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When we can expect 23 Mach e to start taking reservation? I’m interested in getting one.

GV60 performance can probably be bought near MSRP or $1-2k markup.

All the Korean EVs will lose the tax credit today once Biden signs the bill. Prices will start crashing soon.

Only thing they have going for them is fast charging. Paying 50k for 200 usable mile range is sad.

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Fwiw my Ioniq 5 range is better than my MY or M3 ever was. Same driving habits and all.