Just Took Delivery! Audi SQ5 P+ Deal -- $508/mo after 9 MSDs



So, Is the SQ5 officially the best leasing nice car ?


I really hope ppl don’t use this deal as a baseline for future deals. @dig616 did a fantastic job here, but ppl still need to manage expectations.

Sometimes we here are a victim of our own success. We learn how to work a deal and when 1 guy gets a unicorn, the whole world then expects to pay that.


It’s the best deal on an sq5, but i wouldn’t necessarily call it a unicorn. My sq5 lease is under 1%, and I think a few others have gotten near or at that mark as well.

So, while this deal might not be 100% replicable, others can get close.

Bottom line is the sq5 overlaps a few segments, none of which typically lease well.


Lol, yeah it’s a unicorn. But hey, whatever makes you feel better.


Didn’t realize his deal includes tax, since it wasn’t mentioned in the OP. I figured it was something like $560/mo after tax, which wouldn’t be a unicorn.


2k out of pocket his effective payment is about $575. Mine was $607 on a slightly more expensive car, but with less miles.

Other people have been in the same neighborhood.

It’s still the best deal on an sq5, but others can get close, and it’s not a unicorn in the same sense other deals are.


Great deal! Would love to replicate something similar!


This deal is insane! Post in trophy please!