Just Took Delivery! Audi SQ5 P+ Deal -- $508/mo after 9 MSDs



Thank you for your swift reply. Better in your pocket than the dealer’s. It’s all finally making some sense. Gotta love these advertisements. They all seem like bad deals now. Enjoy the vehicle.


Does anyone know if NY residents can use msds with Audi in another state?

Sick deal, pics please


Yes, I believe that’s possible. Pretty sure we’ve had NY residents here report they’ve done deals in jersey using msd.


that would be great, I would be all over it if its replicable… my audi goes back in 45days 'ish


Incredible deal, congrats!


Incredible deal indeed. If you don’t mind sharing the dealer info - i would be in for one, even if not as great of a deal. Deals here in Chicagoland are close to 800-900 a month.


PM me. I can’t quite replicate this deal, but I can get you close in MA.


Are you a broker/dealer?


You had mentioned you would post the lease sheet? Can you please do so when you have some time. Thank you!


He/she is the OP - sounds like they are trying to spread the love and help some fellow hackrs.


I missed that. Thanks!


This is amazing. I would take this any day of the week. Congrats!


What’s the break down of the incentives?


For everyone asking to see my lease sheet.

Also, the odometer reading was really ~150 at deliver. It had 10 miles but I agreed to have the car driven in rather than shipped in exchange for some extra miles :slight_smile:


$1750 lease credit + $750 loyalty


please tell me they have a twin, I’ll come get it Saturday


I can broker something somewhat close.


Sign me up, ready to do a deal today.


PM me. It won’t be low 500s but I think I can still swing 1-2 more under 600 if you’re willing to do MSDs.


I sent a PM earlier