Just leased Odyseey EXL for those interested

Not sure if this is all that great of deal or not, but my wife insisted on this van and we are adding a 3rd child to the mix in a couple of weeks so I had to pull the trigger this month.

MSRP: $37,100
Price paid: $31,444

Paid 1st month, fees and title - ~$850

Monthly payment is ~$355 before tax.

Just thought I’d share as I would have appreciated this info while doing my own research.

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$0 down? If so- For this particular deal is pretty solid.

Year and location (State)?

Looks like a solid deal and congrats on your family!


For anyone else in the market, I posted some thoughts on Sienna & Odyssey back in Sept:

If you can get the dealer to take msds, the Highlander XLE AWD is an even better deal at around $300 a month.

It could be, but it depends on how you intend to use the vehicle. When small children are required to be in car seats, it’s not practical to put them in the third row. If you are putting adults in the third row, a van like the Ody or Sienna is quite superior to an SUV/CUV like a Highlander.

Also: not sure how old the OP’s first two children are, but if they are in car seats, and his goal is to put three car seats in the second row, that will not work in most vehicles aside from vans.

Agreed. Odyssey EXL at 355, Sienna XLE FWD at 380+ and Highlander XLE AWD at 300+. Pick the one which works best for family and pocketbook :slight_smile:

Kids are 2 and turning 4 with a new one coming in a week or two. I wish we could do the Highlander but it just isnt pratical. Plus she says she has to have the sliding doors.

We looked at the Sienna as well. We liked the features included in the EXL and price point compared to the XLE trim and above.

To answer the other questions - $0 down (just first month plus TTL) and we are in Northern California. And obviously the year is 2016. 2017 do not exist yet and we couldnt wait any longer, unfortunetely.

Yeah with a 2 and a 4 and a newborn, it’s easily the most practical choice.

As a friend of mine once said, I thought I wanted a Pilot until I realized it was just a highly compromised Odyssey with a ton of marketing behind it.