Just Leased a 2019 BMW M550

Just picked up a 2019 BMW M550i here in SoCal.

I got 9.4% off MSRP before incentives of $3,500 lease rebate, $2,000 Loyalty, $1,000 OL code from a drive event and $1,000 BMW CCA post sale rebate. Including the incentives, I got 18.8% off.


That is awesome deal. What dealer if you don’t mind me asking?


Did u shop the quote around? Sorry to break it to u, but 9.4% off before rebates is really not that much at all. Did u try a 24mo option or consider MSDs?

This isn’t a good deal. You can get 8-10k off easily. This can be had for $750 -$800 including tax with startups due.

Here we go again with people who think high end cars can all be easily purchased with minimum 12% off before rebates. I just checked several of the major players spreadsheets on this site and nobody is offering a M550i for this cheap. GREAT deal OP! Enjoy the amazing car! for the record, this is cheaper than dealers around me are offering the C43 and I’ve shopped them all.


It’s not unicorn level, but it’s not bad. The discount had a bit more room to be worked with 2020 LCI around the corner.

This is not a 530/40 or a loaner. Why don’t we all get 12% off a m5 while we’re at it. Agree not a Unicorn but better than 95% of those who lease this car.


I could try hacking an M5… but if i succeed I really don’t wanna face that insurance bill.


I’m in the same dilemma with a m4 cs. M3 is surprisingly cheap to insure but need to see what subtracting two doors (and door handles lol) does.

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I thought about M4 CS as well, heh.

Just doesn’t look as good as an m3 as well in my opinion. Just me wanting to hack for hacking sake.

Alright you salty Hackrs…let’s see if I can address all the criticism so far in one post:

  1. Yes, I shopped every dealer in SoCal for 2+ months and I monitored this site, Bimmerpost and Bimmerfest for the last 4-5 months to see what deals people were getting not only in SoCal but in other regions. I kept track of just about every deal I saw on an M550 during that time and kept a top 5 list of the best deals I saw with all pertinent details so I could compare apples to apples. Needless to say, I did my homework.

  2. 9.4% off was the absolute most I could get on a car that wasn’t close to $90K after emailing with just about every dealer that had a car I was willing to take. One dealer told me over the phone that “he’d rather cut off his balls than sell an M550 for 10+% off”. Doubt he was being truthful about that, but I got his drift.

  3. My payment with tax is $772 and the $2,100 drive off was tax, title, license and first month’s payment. That’s all I paid when I picked up the car and the montly falls within the $700-$800 range y’all speak of

  4. 24 month terms rarely pencil out with BMW unless residuals are heavily subsidized. In order for that term to make sense, you’d need a residual in the 70’s. 36 months is the sweet spot 95% of the time with BMW.

  5. I have MSD’s with my 2 other cars and they are a good deal with it comes to return on cash. But since this is my 3rd car, I wanted some flexibility if I decide to roll out of it early and put it on lease trader. It’s a lot easier to have someone assume a lease if they don’t have to put up $5,500 upfront.

  6. True. It’s not a unicorn deal. Those are usually had by BMW employees who can lease this car in the $600’s.

  7. Also true that maybe a better deal could be had once 2020’s hit the lots. But the only issue there is that 2019 inventory was decreasing by the day and if I waited, I may have gotten stuck with a color I didn’t want or a car that had more options than I wanted.

Totally appreciate the props on my deal though. I worked hard for it and I’m excited to finally enjoy my car.


Congrats and please post some pics of the beast!

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I’d have upped the ante with #2’s remark and brought him a scalpel. :slight_smile:
“Okay, let’s see it done and i’ll sign at full sticker”

For your market you did well and to that end as was said before likely better than 95%+ of other M550 leases. Travel cannot be ruled out to get the best deal possible. :sunny:


Congrats!! Post pictures!

I’m here for the pictures of the M550i
Those things are awesome, congrats OP!

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Not the best photos but here are a few exteriors. Getting a black grill from the dealer on Monday. Will post a few more then.



I was offered 14% off the m5 before I got the i8. It’s definitely doable.


14% off a new M5? In SoCal?

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I am curious on folks who don’t do MSDs because they might want to post it on lease trader…

If you know ahead of time that’s what you want, why not do 24 months with MSD?

Also if you do post on those sites, I actually don’t know how it works - does asking for repayment on the MSD make it significantly harder to get out of?