June 2021 Costco Incentives

Here are all the incentives I know of:
$7500 lease cash
$1500 CCFR
$1000 Loyalty
$1000 Affinity
$750 A Plan
And now $2000 Costco

Brings a $58k MSRP model down to $44k

At 52% residual you’re only paying $14k over three years. But it’s the MF that kills the deal. 4.6% interest is crazy in this day and age


again not true. here’s the lease cash bulletin. all xc40s are xc40s. momentum, rdes, insc, recharge are all trims.


What’s “again”? I said “as I see it” and you were wrong about '21 T8s.

that they get aplan? they do get it. 20s didn’t.

T8s? Go build an XC90 T8 on a-plan site to generate the pin and then report back lol
Hint: the screenshot I posted above.

irrelevant. look at the bulletin above. “XC90 - Trim ALL”.

How is that irrelevant? There is no T8 option to generate the pin, only different trims on T5/T6.
Your screen shot only says all trims, but nothing about T8. But I agree that it is confusing and I may be wrong.

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So is Volvo wrong or is Volvo wrong?


How are you getting the $14k, is that without interest?

Without interest, taxes, and fees

$14k in depreciation. Leaving out the $1500 in upfront taxes, rent charge, any fees, etc

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I logged into my A Plan account, agreed I see no PHEV or EV trims:

  • XC40 T4/T5
  • XC60 T5/T6
  • XC90 T5/T6
  • S60 T5
  • V60 T5

@aronchi your bulletin is wrong, unless your dealers can generate a pin we can’t.

There was A Plan on XC60 T8s in the past six months, so that is a change. This looks precisely-tweaked for Costco and Volvo’s current inventory.

When does Volvo release June MF/RV/lease incentives? Tomorrow (Tuesday)? I was nearly done with a deal via email/phone but im fairly certain the sales guy left for the night and now I’ll be stuck with (possibly) worse June incentives

Dealerships and brokers with desking tools will have them (edit: the day after) tomorrow. The website is rarely updated by COB.

They make these CBD gummies now, they are allegedly very relaxing. Have you considered trying some?


I also had the experience of the Volvo dealer not motivated to try to close today. At 4pm my local dealer was already talking about getting back with numbers tomorrow.

Thought I’d see what I could do in end of May since the June Costco program is limited.


I borrowed some CBD oil from my dog. But really, I’m not terribly worried. Would have been nice to finalize in case numbers get worse but not a huge deal. You won’t find me spamming 18 threads using 12 exclamation points in each message.

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program runs through tomorrow, calm down.

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Interesting. Guess I got conflicting info. As I said before I’m not worked up - not sure why everyone is so concerned with calming others down


My salesman might be misinformed, but he told me new programs start in June when he was specifically talking about getting numbers tomorrow June 1st.

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Is Affinity stackable with A-plan?