Joke of the day - Musk predicts 1 million robotaxis in 2020

How far off the mark is he?

  • Right on the mark
  • At least 1 year off the mark
  • 5 years away at best
  • He’s still high from his Joe Rogan puff

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sigh I wish he wasn’t like this. He’s delivered a lot of good products, but these promises are out of control.

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It’s gotten to the point I don’t believe anything that man says until (an if) it comes to fruition.

If I was wrong about deliverables as much as he was, I’d be flipping burgers at McDonald’s.

I’m convinced he’s all about hype for getting that investment money pouring in, and maybe if he’s lucky, he’ll be right one of these times. Looks like his act may be running out of gas though…stock dropped today after the announcement.

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The bottom of the day was 3.5 hours before the announcement. Maybe info was leaked…but then again, the stock doesn’t move on this type of announcements.

Ok now that i read what he said i realize what he meant. These are not necessarily new cars that he is talking about but also include the existing cars. Still vary ambitious but that’s just him…if he wasn’t it would probably be Boeing in the front seat for the NASA contract and German car makers wouldn’t be scrambling to catch up.

“By the middle of next year, we’ll have over a million Tesla cars on the road with full self-driving hardware, feature complete, at a reliability level that we would consider that no one needs to pay attention,”

I predict that by 2020 the government will issue each citizen a Pegasus. Be considerate, and don’t :poop: up your neighbor’s roof when you get yours. It’s bad form.

He’s also delivered allot :rocket: into the :ocean:!

In the Bay Area, people just say maniacal things like this and ignore reality. In NYC, people are convinced the world is ending.

No idea what people in the Midwest think. :slight_smile:

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They think it’d be nice to have time to worry about stuff like robot taxis as they scuttle between jobs making a go of it on $35k incomes.

Well, many of them, anyway. I was there just a half dozen years ago.

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‘Tesla and Panasonic need couples counseling,’ analyst says

Musk Duels Panasonic in Rare Public Battle With Key Supplier

I think he’s spot on, at the speed things are happening. I can say from the industry I’m in we have already positioned ourselves to assist in protecting this eventual outcome.

You honestly think adoption of it across the country will be that large in scale by next year?

JD81 - He can’t even build a million cars in a year, period. Automated or not. For chosing how to vote, I’m between 5 years and he must have been smoking some killer stuff…

StingerTT - Great point. The country isn’t setup or ready for this yet.

I didn’t read the article so I thought it was a generalization of there will be…not I am doing.

Think he may be trying to get Tesla back to $300+

Stock looks like it’s headed towards a 52 week low in the next week or two!!!

In before Johnnycab.

May be time to scoop some I can’t see government letting him fail.

You can put as many periods as you want but that’s not what he said. Read what he said…he talks about cars on the road and future production…still optimistic as hell.

This government? LOL…they will have a big ass party if that happens.

Nobody’s going to have to “let” this cat fail. He’s doing fine all by himself. He’s too unstable and all over the place to make it. Plus he’s a fame whore, and that serves nobody well.

He better finish digging that underground tunnel

so they gave him billions of dollars in government subsidies because they want him to fail? well that’s an interesting outlook