Jetta 1.8t sport lease deal

Looking to see if I could get a better deal on a Jetta Sport lease. Thanks

Msrp $22,115
Selling price $17,285
$11,942 lease end value

36 month / 10k lease
$863 down $160/month

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Looks like a great deal to me. I’ve been actively trying to get one and I’ve had two dealers let me walk out rather than go lower than 190.

Where are you located that someone is offering that?

I’m in NJ. Was that $190 all in no $ down?

I am in nj what dealer? thanks

Singed a 36/10k lease today on a Jetta Sport automatic.

$195/mo before taxes, with the $199 doc fee rolled into the lease. Drive off was $255 for 1st month and registration.

I’ll post the numbers when I get the paperwork in the mail next week.


Just picked up my jetta sport manual for 185 a month with zero down at world vw in neptune nj

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Can you post specifics such as:

Selling price & Cap cost (and whether that included any specific rebates)