2016 VW Jetta lease for 24 month lease term for $79+Tax + $4347.97 drive off

I’d highly recommend calling Eli (Boardwalk VW) - he made the deal so easy for me. No dealer tricks, just straight up. Enjoy a trip to SF and back. Tell him you heard about him from Taylor who bought a brown stick Jetta

So just add 1k for automatic?

I’m in the bay as well and would get a Jetta at your cost.

Any dealer. In my experience, the only time buying from the servicing dealership matters is when you’re asking the dealer for a goodwill favor out of warranty.

The difference for an automatic would be less than $42 extra. You’re calculating 42 by taking the difference in MSRP and dividing it by the lease term. But you’re not financing the whole MSRP of the car over 24 months – just the portion that depreciates. You will need to know the residual of the automatic model and the selling price to calculate exactly how much more the payment would be for an automatic. My estimate is the difference will be around $26 extra per month for an automatic. To me, that’s 3/4 of a tank of gas for the Jetta every month – not worth it IMO.

For you perhaps, but manual is not an option for me.
Question is, is $198/month, everything included, worth it for a Jetta.
I think so. I think I’ll qualify for the $500 grad bonus too (so $185?)
Never leased before and you inspired my first post since it sounds like a great deal and it’s nearby.
Went shopping for a Kia Optima Hybrid today, I’ll add this car to my list.
I’d take a S60 or Genesis at some of these prices I’m seeing tho lol

You can do better than that on a Jetta S. I’m paying $210 including tax for my Jetta Sport (36/10k).

where did you get this deal?
can you list the details? is it manual or automatic?


I see you’re talking about 36 month,
the calculator gives me 128$ after tax for the jetta S

It does work out much better on a 36 month lease. I wanted 24 months, but it needlessly drove up the cost by a lot.

whats your money factor?

.00005 on the Sport.

I was at the dealer today and negotiated the following:

Jetta S Automatic with Technology (rear camera, apps, bigger screen etc.)
$18,040 cash sale; included wear and tear + service package
$ 1,000 lease cash

res factor 52
0.00005 mf

$ 1,270 drive off (incl DMV, doc fee, bank fee etc.)

209 monthly
228 after tax

don’t forget it includes the wear and tear (usually 1295$) and Service (395$)

what do you think?

Is that 24/10k? And is the $1000 “discount” (assume that’s the lease cash) included in that $18040 price? Either way it’s not really much of a sale on a car with an MSRP starting around $19800.

no its for 36/30.000miles

It seems kind of high to me. I’d push for a lower cap cost and more of the drive-off fees rolled into the lease (unless you really don’t mind paying them upfront). Check the websites of VW dealers in your area and see if any of them break down the pricing on their website so that you can see how much is a straight discount and how much is purchase incentives. It will give you a better idea of how much of a discount to the cap cost you can ask for. Plug everything in to the lease calculator to get an idea of how it affects the payment.

One of the dealers in my area actually put estimated lease prices on their website (based on a certain amount down), and I just called, told them the price I saw and asked how much it would be with zero down and 10k miles. Then I took their excellent quote and called other dealers asking them to beat it.

can you give me that website please? non of the dealers here have that tool integrated

the car starts at 20.865 though


okay, the offer you uploaded looks cheaper, but actually it is not:

it doesn’t include the service package, the wear and tear and it also has a downpayment, not to mention the taxes, fees, bank fee, first month. if i put everything together it amounts to 254$ (incl. the taxes on the monthly payment), the offer i got amounts to the same, but again, i do have these service extras and wear and tear, putting this into the lease hacker calculator i get 10years lease hacker score

with the same downpayment i am at 122$ before tax

I’m not trying to offer a better deal or tell you not to go with your deal, I’m just suggesting ways for you to get a better price. That dealer bases the lease payment on a $4000 cap cost reduction (before the rebate). If your dealer actually discounted it and then added the $1700 wear and tear and service package back to the cost, then yes that’s a pretty good deal (if you actually want those and believe it to be a good value).

The website I got that screenshot from is http://www.bommaritovwhazelwood.com/ and if you click “personalize payments” you can adjust the down payment and terms (it rolls the acquisition fee into the cap cost). It probably won’t help much unless you’re in the area though.