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I would be in for a limited at this price. I would love a TH like I had but this would be a bit out of my budget at the moment.

Is Chapman taking orders with no deposit still?

Yes, at least as of this morning when they emailed me.

Thanks for taking the time to put that together. I don’t like the numbers that your assumptions gave😁, but my gut says those may be in line with reality, once we know what reality is…

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It makes for an interesting look at the different trim levels. It’s a huge jump from a limited to a summit price wise. The overland doesn’t really fill the gap, as it’s mainly just a gussied up trailhawk anyway. Seems like you have two different product paths…

Limited → Summit → Summit Reserve

Trailhawk → Overland

Maybe their thought was

Limited → Overland → Summit

Trailhawk → Overland w/ offroad package

I prefer the steel grey interior/wood trim color in the overland, but by the time I equip the options I want (tech packages, etc), it ends up being more expensive than a summit reserve… what’s the point?

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I think these are in line with my assumptions as well.

I will prob wait until pricing is published.

Why… to separate more of your dollars from you😁

Thanks for putting these together! I do think the RVs are slightly incorrect. The values we get from CCAP are for 15k miles. So you may need to boost them by 3% for 10k.

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Right. They really missed the opportunity to compete with the Palisade/Telluride. The Limited isn’t good enough compared to the Prestige/Calligraphy trims but the Overland is too overpriced for that. Then again they were selling 200k even without a refresh so who am I to question them.

You’re correct, these would be for 15k, good catch. I’ll correct for 10k

I’d definitely be interested in getting a Summit, but I’m not so sure if we get into that level of price…

Correction: summit reserve*** I forgot there is a “summit” trim. :stuck_out_tongue:

Updated at 36/10

Limited used to be the volume trim with all the incentive $ on the hood, but we’ll see what happens.

I would prefer an Altitude for its simplicity and the potential of a cheap lease. The 3-row Altitudes seem to lease OK for intro pricing. One also avoids the air suspension that loves to fail (at least it did on the WK2), but they are Laredo-based and Laredo was never as sweet of a lease deal as Limited on the outgoing gen.

Next, I would leapfrog over the Limited and go right for the Trailhawk, but those never really get any cash.

If you’re looking at Overland vs. Summit, I think Summit is a somewhat easy choice. Nicer base spec and the Overland with Lux Tech Group IV and the 10.1" screen is only a few hundred less than a no-option Summit which comes with that content standard.

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That makes the limited that more attractive.

Can you pass along the Chapman email? Or can I find it somewhere on here?

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No Laredo or altitude for the gc 4xe though

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Depends on if you’re comparing leases or purchases.

You’d also want to compare gcl pricing rather than gc 4xe

Thank you everyone for making me second guess my overland 4xe order

I like the Overland trim, but man, the numbers seem rough from how they are positioning it.

Reserve or nothing!

I have a 5.7 reserve currently in D1 also