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Actually looking at the standard GCs, the Summit Reserve V6 loaded is 68k, the 4XE should probably come in around 73ish MSRP, so might not be terrible but RV will determine how bad.

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Having lived in MI, I will never underestimate the demand for a new SUV from the Big 3. But any sane person would pick the defender.

MF too. Hopefully we don’t see Wrangler level price difference between 4xe and non-4xe trims.

There isn’t that big of a difference between comparably equipped 4xe and non-4xe wranglers. The issue is the 4xe comes withore standard options than the non-4xe so it looks like a bigger gap.

5% under invoice, $394 doc fee

They can currently take orders, but as we all know, actual pricing isn’t available

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Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh, let me get my orders confirmed before we start speaking of Chapman.

For me, the big dilemma here is limited to minimize cost or trailhawk because it’s more fun; not that I’d ever offroad it.

I just can’t justify the price jump for the higher trims

So I ordered a GC Summit 4xE and built a regular one that came out to roughly 64k. The 4xE version can’t be more then 68-69, right?

Ya, +$4500 is the rumor.

The problem on leases is the RV falls off a cliff as you go up in trims, so the leases get expensive quick

I think these will “flip” just fine….but won’t be as cheap of a hack as the Wrangler due to the Wranglers notoriously high RV.

My guess is a $17-18,000 single pay?

For which trim

I was referring to GC 4xe Limited?

But double checking myself I had used a much higher MSRP.

Assuming base limited with sunroof MSRP $47,500

4xe increase +$4,500 = $52,000 MSRP

So ~$15,000ish single pay? Just my speculation of course

Let’s get something going on the 2 row GC leases! Counting down until @leasecompanion opens up a group order.

Ya, that doesn’t look too unreasonable. Few percent off the rv for the regular gc. Mf of course becomes a huge question, but it isn’t a bad speculation.

Interestingly, the overland trim seems to be the worst from a rv stand point. The summit actually goes back up when looking at the gc/gc-l. Weird.

Where did that rumor come from? That is almost half of Wrangler price jump to 4xe.

No it isn’t.

The wrangler jump only seems higher because a base 4xe sahara has more standard equipment than a non-4xe sahara. If you compare comparably equipped, it isn’t that big.

Sahara 4xe price jump is ~$12k.
Higher trim HA 4xe jump is ~$7k.

How do we get $4500 for GC? I want to be optimistic too, but where is the rational.

If I build an identical HA to what I ordered, it’s $59k for the regular vs $64k for my 4xe, although you have to get the lsd on the gas. Motor selection makes a bigger difference too. Select the right engine on the wrangler and it’s only a 2-3k different.December.

The $4500 number was given by a jeep person at one of the auto shows if memory serves.

Yup. Over here. Ram's TRX Is Already A Monster, But Does The IGNITION Take It To Another Level? | 2021 LA Auto Show - YouTube

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Just for the purpose of debate, I threw together some calculators on the different trim levels of the GC 4xe.

Here are the assumptions I’m making:

MSRP = equivalent GC MSRP + $4500
Chapman 5% off invoice = 9% off msrp
RV used = 2022 GC RV - 2% (based on wrangler 4xe being 2% lower than normal wrangler)
MF used = 2022 GC-L for lack of a better option
$7500 tax credit passed on
Acq Fee = $595
Doc Fee = $394
Gov Fee = $300
Tax = 7% monthly

Limited $54k MSRP - $417/mp

Trailhawk $60k MSRP - $535/mo

Overland $64k MSRP - $642/mo

Summit $67.5k MSRP - $654/mo

Summit Reserve $70.5k MSRP - $682/mo