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This would put the limited in the low $50s.

Discount, Ev credit and decent RV and these would be free

GC L 4XE :pray: GC L 4XE :pray: GC L 4XE :pray:
Say it with me people.


It’s a bit unclear. One of the ways it was written made it look like GC order books are open for 4xes, Overlands, and Summits, rather than only the Overland and Summit trims of the 4xes.

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As of a few minutes ago, a trusted dealer told me that the order banks for the GC 4xe are not yet open…

They are not, I’ve been waiting for quite a while to order Limited 4xe.
GC (non L and non 4xe) are orderable in some trims.

On a side, is there a cooler vehicle for sale sans Teslas than the Summit Reserve GC? From the reviews I’ve seen on Youtube I seriously am just drooling over it…I’m single and young but don’t care that it’s a “mom” car. Imagine taking the boys on a road trip in that thing…mannnnn I want the numbers,PW7-QX8,T7,EZH,DFV,DLK,Z1B,TJE,WJA,EC,SDA,AAN,ASW,ACX,UBN,25U

LH’ers to Jeep on GC 4XE Pricing:

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But when they do open…

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All you people really want 25 miles of electric range or just the federal rebate?

I’d rather have 40 miles, but 25 miles will handle most of my daily commute.

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The federal rebate could make this a super cheap lease, I’d imagine most people here don’t care about the fact that it’s electric, just that it being such basically provides a huge incentive.

I could probably do a bit of local errands on 25, however.

I doubt it’s going to be super cheap, the RVs will not be the same as Wranglers, discounts most likely will not be as high, and I imagine you will be in the 70-80k MSRP for a well equipped one. The Summit Reserve might push 90k.


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Anyone thinking residuals will be in the upper 60’s or even in the 70’s on a GC 4xE are smoking crack.

Well be lucky if these even hit in the 60’s. GC’s never had better residuals than Wranglers.


Further, the wrangler 4xe rv is lower than the regular wrangler. I’d expect similar for the gc 4xe vs the regular gc.

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Its totally not happnin… I’ve just trying been trying to daydream…

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My gut says there will be a mild frenzy on the GC 4xe but it will probably not like the wrangler. The market for the GC is obviously much broader, but if the RV is like 10 points below, it’s going to kill it. If they come out with high 50s RVs on a 36/10, on my end…

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On the Wranglers there’s a 2 point RV drop between 4xe and non-4xe. The limited GC/GCL non-4xe both have 61% residual for 36/10 so I don’t expect ghastly residuals. Still expect 2k down 800 per month for the Summit reserve though (aka Defender prices).

If that is the case 98.2 out of every 100 people will take the defender :slight_smile:

The 1.8 people who chose the GC would be the GC designers mother and their third cousin once removed.