Jeep Gladiator $248/month, $1244 DAS 24/10

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: Jeep Gladiator Sport S
MSRP: $46810
Sale Price: $40500
Monthly Payment: $247.96
Drive-Off Amount: $1244.79
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10000
MF: .00105
Residual: 75%
Incentives: $2500 ($2000 lease cash + $500 bonus cash mailer)
Region: NorCal
Leasehackr Score: 15.3
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

After dealing with FCA dealers for the last two weeks I finally got this. The biggest part of the drive offs was the $634 California extortion fee. Some also call this a ‘registration fee’.




Holy crap this is a legit hack, way to go!


This is awesome, and pretty similar to what I’m about to do if you adjust for term and subtract my negative equity idiocy. Mine is going to be cheaper MSRP though. That’s an awesome job, I couldn’t touch that discount on a similar MSRP and I tried really hard today before saying yes to the deal I have. Nothing is official yet though!


That discount may have just been right place, right time.

They have been closed since March 16th and will be closed until at least end of May.

I think they just wanted to move it.

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I’m almost 4,000 off sticker on mine but they won’t budge past that. At some point I need to just realize it’s still a good deal if I really want the truck.

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@jeisensc alluded to things like stair step bonuses, etc being suspended for some dealers, so my suspicion is that there is some sort of rollover/carryover in play here. Maybe this was literally the last car they needed to get their bonus… Eventually once everything is sorted out. Just my hunch, for whatever it is worth.

Some on this very message board have called my allusions “unsubstantiated” so please take what I write with a grain of salt, your mileage may vary, I am not a lawyer, not responsible for unintended side effects from off-label use, any forward-looking statements may be unsubstantiated.

Little birds tell me things :bird: :speaking_head: :eagle: :speaking_head: :owl: :speaking_head: :hatching_chick: :speaking_head:

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Of course, but those things do start to make sense if you see some dealers still willing to move metal when they should be in survival mode.

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In another thread today someone was shocked a dealer might not take a loser deal because fixed overhead expenses.




  1. Sales pays the labor. Service pays the bills.

  2. January and February happen every year. 0 customers and bullets in finance are the norm. Dealers keep cash reserves.

  3. As others mention regularly, several dealer groups are in the Fortune 500

  4. it’s not a lemon-aide stand: you don’t have cash out of pocket for your floor-plan (consigned on credit), you don’t take the loss until you sell the car. There is no incentive to sell today for double digit % less than expected today vs pay floorplan (effectively 0
    But for the loaded up passenger car on the sales floor, wearing a price is right tag, about to have it’s third birthday)

  5. Many manufacturers are still not running. They’re not accumulating a surplus of cars which means they don’t have to pay those stairstep bonus is to keep moving the metal. Turn and earn.

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Car was sold by dealer on the Peninsula, factory bonuses are paid out this month irrespective of dealership hitting any bonus. They don’t do it that often but they did do it this month. Leased vehicle invoice was $44956 so this is an excellent deal… Congrats and enjoy.

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@jeisensc confirmed cuckoo


What am I doing anymore, I have an O chem test I need to do rn, it’s due at midnight, it’s open book, and I can cheat as much as I want, why am I here…

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Countries of the world song from memory?

Yep, but now it’s a meme, counting the # of covid cases! They are getting back together on hulu.

10% behind invoice means that this sale must have meant a lot if this is accurate!

Yeah I have no idea why they were discounting so much but I’m not complaining. Interestingly, the dealer has two other very similar Sport S with $6000 discounts advertised online. Someone might be able to replicate.

Ok, so I have now gotten 4 PMs asking for the dealer. It was Putnam CJDR in Burlingame.

THIS MAY OR MAY NOT REPLICATE. As others on this thread have said, this may have been the last unit they needed to get a bonus.

Also, numbers change tomorrow so this may not even be possible again.

Good luck


Stellar deal. Congrats!

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I have just scheduled my first warranty-work appointment.

The start-stop system never worked.

I guess I’m officially an FCA owner now. :joy:

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The reliability God’s can’t help you now.

Sincerely, a Nissan with a cvt owner.

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