January Honda Deals - SoCal

Hi Guys - it is a new month and new year so I wanted to get a good deal up for everyone.

2019 Civic Type-R

41,595.00 Sale Price (includes $895.00 Destination Charge from Honda)
2,999.00 Accessories
4,464.15 9.5% Sales Tax
85.00 Doc Fee
327.00 License Fee
995.00 Honda Protection Package
995.00 Security System
290.00 Vehicle License Fee
150.00 Transportation Improvement Fee
51,900.15** Total

39 Mo - 12k miles/year **
** 844.00 /mo
Due at Signing:
Down Payment 0.00
9.5% CA Tax on Upfronts 0.00
Total Due at Signing 0.00

Payment inc. 9.5% tax - 924.18 /m

51,900.15 for a Civic Type-R???

I don’t care what badge is on the back…it’s still a Civic. WOW.

Good luck with this.


I love this car, but many others have bought it at MSRP without a long list of BS add ons. GLWS…

It’s because they mark it up and add in useless accessories. Msrp is $35,700. This is not what I would call a good deal. I was in the market to buy one as a fun car but got turned off by the dealer tactics.

Is this a joke? There’s literally a few M3’s posted in the Marketplace for less than this.


It’s a nice looking car, and has to be a blast to drive. It ain’t 52k nice though.

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I see it all the time. Some dealership even tack on more overpriced/marked up crap. This weekend I helped my neighbor purchase a Honda Odyssey EXL and brother in law get a Ridgeline at the last moment the dealership reported that there was extra charges for dealer add-ons. Some weird term for 3m stickers around the doors and bumper at a exorbitant price (this is after I got the OTD price locked in). I showed for measly 36 bucks plus free shipping you can the same thing on Ebay. Anyway for the Odyssey they threw them for free but for the Ridgeline we was stuck to pay for all weather floor mats, wheel locks and mud guards at dealer cost.

Anyone on this forum takes this deal, I’ll send @HondaSoCal a bottle of JW Black Label.


Checked my calendar, and it’s not April 1st. What am I missing? $845/month for a Honda? I’m pretty sure there are much better options if you’re spending that kind of money.

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I’ll see your bottle and toss in a Makers 46

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Ooooooh now it’s covered both directions—Bourbon and whisky for people with good taste!

I kid, I kid.



No one is paying $51k for this car…

So this one is the anti-unicorn.

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Did you even take time to see what accessories it comes with for that mark up? Maybe it comes with a Honda robot that can go out and get a job and help with the payments…


I bet @traderx could get him down to 295/mo


Oh, I did. I didn’t see one for the dealer installed massage seats with happy ending though.

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:man_facepalming:t2: Without either of those options it is indeed an anti-unicorn…

Looks like this post belongs in the landfill.

Is that a cat or a bear avatar?

It’s a kitty.