JAN 2019 Infiniti Q50 3.0T Luxe (+ Sport + RS 400) $41295 ($285 + tax, first month, bank, plates, doc DAS) NY / NJ ONLY (VPP required) FREE HOME DELIVERY NO FEE



interested pmd


December update below. Not as good as November, but still solid.


Sports and red sport (if in stock) are the same as last month


interested in this deal, current benz lease maturity is february 2019.

Please pm details

i’m in NY



I am interested in this deal.
Please give me your contact no.


Im interested. PM sent your way


As an update, my dealer just took delivery of 7 red sport sedans of various colors and packages, so inventory is back!!


Beginning of January, got some base Q50 Luxe in stock $41,295 MSRP. Conquest is gone at this point.


Does this work for MA?


no idea - likely different incentives


Can this be done for Ohio.zip:44136?


any q60 deal?


Yeah assuming i can get it swapped out. Pm me


I love how NY/NJ gets all these deals :frowning:

Florida lease deals are the worst in the nation. No one wants to do business with us lol.


Just sent you a PM!


I’m from NJ, and interested in this deal please contact me


Interested. Sent a PM.

Current GM lease ending soon.


So can you do those prices if I live in MA but pickup the car personally at your location?


Hi… I’m interested in this deal, my lease is ending in a few months…



Can you pm me your contact details