JAN 2019 Infiniti Q50 3.0T Luxe (+ Sport + RS 400) $41295 ($285 + tax, first month, bank, plates, doc DAS) NY / NJ ONLY (VPP required) FREE HOME DELIVERY NO FEE



A bunch of Q50s shown for November, requiring VPP and Conquest. As always, NO FEE and free home delivery. Please do not contact me with questions if you are not from the nyc area, nj or eastern PA. I cannot help. Essential and proassist cars also available, as well as Sport and Red Sports!

2019 Base Infiniti Q50 3.0T Luxe AWD

PM for more details.

Need help regarding leasing a new Civic ex or Camry SE in December this year

I’m interested in this car. Tried to PM but it didn’t go through. Please PM your contact information.


shot you a pm.


Damn, if only this was in FL


Could you do a deal in Eastern PA, Philly suburb?


yes and shot you a pm.


Can this be registered in FL if I am willing to sign the deal in person?


Nah dealer won’t do deals in different regions, I’m sorry


I am in Philly suburbs and interested in this deal. Please pm me the details.



If I don’t have VPP, should I remove $1500 or $1000?

  1. 1000 is conquest.


No way to circumvent this VPP? Checked our companies, no luck


no, it’s all employer based.


Can VPP be applied for children?


Seems like all the good Q50 deals right now are NY/NJ/PA…


Yes it does


Can I get this deal in Massachusetts?


What is needed for VPP? A work badge? A paystub? Either?


Hey. I couldn’t figure out how to private message you. How do I get this deal. I live fifteen minutes outside philly.


How much for the RS AWD? I live in CT