JAN 2019 Infiniti Q50 3.0T Luxe (+ Sport + RS 400) $41295 ($285 + tax, first month, bank, plates, doc DAS) NY / NJ ONLY (VPP required) FREE HOME DELIVERY NO FEE



Can you pm me? I’m in philly suburbs and am interested in this deal.


Question Rockstars? Infiniti/Nissan gave me a claim ID VPP.CAN MY CLAIM ID VPP still be applied to this offer?


I’m in Tampa


No Jaguar or Genesis conquest :frowning:


Please message me about this deals. Looking to close on something by this weekend. Lease is up.


I’m backed up for about a week man. Nothing is getting out this weekend


I’m interested and I’m from NJ


Yay! The calculator is working again!

One thing I’m unclear about @aronchi , according to the calculator

MSRP = 51655
Sales price = 42465.1

Is the 42465.1 sales price before the removal of the 1000 conquest and 1500 vpp or including that 2500 being removed?


Interested in the Red Sport. I do not qualify for VPP, but could lease cash be subtituded, since its 1500 for November? If so, I can make a deal.


Lease cash is already included and it’s 2200


Sent you a PM.


Can I register this in GA… I can pickup from NJ…


Sent you a pm.


Does the 42461 include vpp and conquest being removed or can those be additional subtractions?


Look at the calculator. The rebates are applied after the discount.


CA deal plz :frowning_face:


In the NY area and have VPP + qualification for Conquest. Sent you a pm.


Replied back to your pm.


Can you please PM your contact information? I am very interested in this deal. I qualify for VPP through my employer and currently own an Infiniti and an Audi.


How would I get this deal? I am new to the site.