Jaguar Lease Quit

I got myself into bad Jaguar F-Pace deal and all I can think with 28month left is… getting out of it ASAP.

Can anybody advise about non obvious ways or possibly loopholes?

Snowy off ramp
Park in dicey area overnight


There’s one little trick that dealers love… You can spend a ton of money to get rid of it


I guess trolling this one is easy, but still would appreciate some good advice if there is one out there.

Maybe try Vroom or Carvana?

Post the numbers so folks can have some more info on exactly how bad of a deal it is. Then we can provide for info on what you can possibly do.

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It’s kind of a troll-y question, no?

Haven’t ways out of leases been bandied about ad nauseam here?



Go to carvana, get a purchase quote, and compare against your current buy off. That’ll probably be your least painful option

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I am on 648$/mo with 28months left. Current buyout is at 48k.

I’ve posted a car at Swaplease, but numbers doesn’t look too promising. Link below

Jaguar doesn’t allow lease swaps as far as I know, assuming it is through jag/chase. If it’s a 3rd party bank, this may not be true.

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Yes I am trying to troll myself - you figured it out.

All of your options are outlined here


A thirty second search would yield you all that’s available to know. There’s no breaking news in contract law whereby Jaguar leases are rendered non-binding all of a sudden.



I’m surprised swapalease let you put your posting up considering:

It’s a buyout offer through swaplease, not lease transfer.


So what did carvana offer for the car?


Something around 34k… 14k belly up.

Well, that’s painful

Stick it on turo at a price it rents to pay your payment and insurance

Most lease contracts explicitly forbid that