Jaguar Lease Quit

Yikes. At $14k underwater, I think you’re stuck. Maybe you can get a bit more out of a private party and only have to eat, maybe $10k, but somehow that doesn’t seem realistic either, when you’re total remaining payments amount to about $18k ($648 x 28-mo).

You could always suck it up and wait out the 28-months. I don’t see any better options.

What was the original MSRP, out of curiosity? Playing around with the Jaguarusa build & price, it seems it’s probably in the low 50k range given what I see from the swapalease link.

If you got a bad deal and you’re that far underwater, chalk it up as a lesson learned and ride it out. Getting out at this point is going to roll a ton of negative equity into your next lease (388 per month alone).