Jaguar I Pace (new electric)

I know it’s early but anybody spoken to a jaguar dealer about their new all electric i pace coming out late summer? It’s based on the F Pace but is all electric. Pricing, actual availability, etc… typically dealers are pretty bad and clueless when they enter the electric world as the training and info doesn’t filter down to the dealers. Anybody on here placed an order for one?

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After months and months they have finally released pricing as you can build on the website. At least my local dealer has no clue beyond that. My guess is wait till they hit lots and aren’t selling well due to cost too close to Model X and they will get some good lease rates probably early next year.

yep hopefully they get them on the lots in July or August and by December lease deals might be had… BKNIGHT27 are you in California by any chance? Just curious what dealers you might have spoken to.

No, I am in Ohio. Which probably speaks as to why they know nothing. I love electric vehicles but they are few and far between here. Love my i3 just not as practical as an i-pace would be.

My wife wouldn’t let me buy an i3 - and I live in California and they practically give them away. I leased an A3 etron two years ago - got a great lease rate. Problem is the Plug in Hybrids depreciate so fast and nobody wants to buy them back the value of the car has plummeted and even audi dealers don’t want to take it back with a new lease. I have until March 1st, 2019 and will try and lease an electric plug in (like the jaguar) or will simply roll in to an Audi Q7.

I test drove the I pace last Friday and dealer said he had just done a lease on an 85k Hse was 1500 per month with 5k down AND the $7500 tax rebate. No thanks.

I am sure the same thing with leases on the BMW I3 will happen with the i pace. i 3 leases on first models were 6-7 hundred per month. But as time wore on prices went down and you cou;d find i3 leases for $150 per month. Average prices much lower than initial leases.

I would definite;y lease an I pace when the lease prices get more realistic.

You will not see an iPace lease for 150/mo, you can take that to the bank.

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I never said you’d get an i pace for $150 per month. Only using that $150 lease rate for the i3 as an example of how heavily discounted a lease can get with a new model car. Nothing more please don’t twist my words

Yeah we test drove it about a week ago. Nice car and the dealer told us about $ 1700 with 5k down. He said it is a better buy currently… no kidding.

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For $1500-1700 monthly with $5k down, you could lease a Model S & Model X… lol


Early adopters don’t have price sensitivity. Can’t blame Jaguar and dealers wanting to capitalize on them.

Just drove the thing a cpl hours ago - damn was it fun and WAY more fun to drive IMHO than the Tesla S/X. I was given no lease information as the dealer (autonation) claimed they’d not been provided a program.

It’s a cool car, I saw one at my local Jag dealer though it seemed like a lifted sedan. I’m sure the residual is horrendous, probably a factor in the terrible deals.

Was doing some research and these were the kind of numbers I was given too. New hot car… dealer was upfront that it won’t lease well.

Wouldn’t let you buy a car? :joy: Time to wear the pants

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i don’t know if it’s that hot. I see two at the San Diego Jag dealer that have been on the lot for 30 days. I’d consider a “hot” or “popular” car to sit no more than 7 days. I’m in no rush for a new ride and can wait until there is a fair price on a lease. On the fence between an ipace and a model 3 anyways. Both have pluses and minuses.

Where did I say it was hot? I said you won’t see one lease for 150/month.

Mp11477, I was responding to Desert_Snow. No idea why it looks like I am responding to you. Never said that they would lease I pace for $150. Only used that as an example as far as how much price can fluctuate once a new module is on market.

Anyone see any lease deals on the I-Pace? Jag website is only offering financing …

They won’t want to lease them, unless they have to at a later date. They’re too new, and if they are full of issues Jaguar won’t want them back in 3 years.