Jaguar f pace demo

I found this demo

Pre-Owned 2019 Jaguar F-PACE 25t Premium AWD 4D Sport Utility

Called the dealer and they offered me
$570 a month and 4.5k das 36 months 7.5k per year
But my calculation is way off am i doing something wrong?

Leasehackr Calculator — LEASEHACKR

Wrong topic, should have posted here:


Sounds mediocre but I’m no jag expert.

pretty mediocre deal, F-Pace doesn’t lease well due to low residual value. Still a crappy offer for a Demo though with 4,500 DAS and 7500 miles. Should be $510-520 with drive-offs.

If someone has something to offer feel free to dm me

I was going to inquire about the same car. I’m glad I didn’t waste my time!

Just emailed the GM to see what their best numbers are for 36/12 $0 DAS.