Jaguar and Land Rover Still Can't Top Even Mitsubishi In J.D. Power's Initial

More excuses for bigger discounts on Land Rovers! For the price I think they are highly overrated, this only confirms it.

I’m in a Range loaner right now, full size all the options and I love it…

Quality not great…agreed.

Visibility/comfort/seating position is unparalleled.

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Does anyone else find it highly suspicious that the Top 3 are Genesis, Kia and Hyundai?

I’ve heard some internet rumors of ‘gifts’ for filling these surveys out ‘correctly’…

Very difficult to put any stock or trust into these types of surveys.


Agreed. Checked out the 2020 Evoque for my wife. Very cool, like a mini velar. But the only dealership is pretty far for me, and I know the car would need to be in for service. Leaning towards a BMW X3 instead. Not to mention the lease would probably be horrible on the new Evoque.

Is it surprising that those two are are the bottom though? The Koreans have come a long way and have continued to improve their products, remember how terrible the first kia’s were? Aren’t jag and LR on their 3rd set of owners in the last 20 years, I’m surprised the cars are as nice as they are.

Hah. Maybe FCA can buy them and turn the ship around. They just need a dose of WCM…

None of the bottom few surprise me. But you’re telling me that Hyundai has better initial quality than Lexus? I just can’t buy it.

Ignoring the relatively useless ‘initial quality’ nonsense for a moment, I still don’t understand how Ford and Lincoln rates above Toyota and Lexus!?

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These surveys are completely useless. “Problems” could be the cup holder is in the wrong position or someone does not understand how to use the lights. So there could be nothing wrong with reliability, performance, or quality that leads to a bad score.

Yeah I agree, there’s some shenanigans going on towards the top, but the bottom 1/3 sounds accurate

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And also something tells me that the more expensive the car, the pickier their owners.

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Oh I just read the bit about how they calculate some of the score …“difficult to use,” which is where the car’s technology actually works properly, but is designed in a way that’s hard or confusing for the owner to operate or use"

Sooo, that makes a lot more sense. Hyundai/Genesis have a good, super easy infotainment system, Ford’s Sync is actually pretty good too. Lexus/Toyota is bewilderingly stupid so that probably explains a bit of it. Owner’s can’t figure out how to get Sirius XM to work whilst also changing the temperature.

Totally useless metric though. I just wanna know if the car is going to be in the shop for 2 of the 3 years I’m leasing for, not if I can play Ariana Grande whilst putting on the heated seats.

I call bullshit not because the Korean brands are rated that high (they have been improving exponentially, but probably not worthy of 1st place yet) but that Nissan is rated the top out of all the Japanese brands.


Enterprise and Budget fill out the JD Power surveys with all 10’s!


Kia sent me free noise cancelling headphones when I leased my stinger gt! It was super cool of them! Haha

So that you didn’t hear the paint peeling off the car?

You can hear paint peeling? Hahaha

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According to most cartoons yes

I can hear it drying

I ain’t even mad. I got to drive the GT essentially free for 16k miles after they refunded me every dime I spent on it.


Chevy has fewer problems than Toyota. Dodge has the same amount of problems as Toyota. Lol. Give it a few years and see how many problems creep up on the Dodge and Chevy vehicles. Could be leasable vehicles, though. Maybe.