It's Costco Volvo time!

I’ve got an account, because you never know


Join Sam’s just in case. And VCOA for a-plan, while you are at it


Main reason why I keep my Costco card open. Rarely do I shop there. (I go to BJ’s since it’s closer and less crowded)

Also just opened a PENFED account for $5. You never know when you need it on an MB or BMW…

So what’s the consensus on the overall numbers with Volvo this month? Have they gotten better than April? Residuals are down and so is MF…

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Or know a Costco member…


I sincerely don’t understand sometimes… I did have a cousin who I sold a GLS deal pass on a Costco rebate, simply because he didn’t shop there. It was a $1500 gift card on the 19 Gls.

(which he could’ve gotten if he signed up for Costco, which at the time they had a special promo for $35)

Note for the Volvo’s you can’t just sign up like for benz back in the day.


Great idea! Here it is:


Each household/address can have 2 members for Costco.

I also share my Amazon Prime subscription in case they start offering a Volvo rebate.

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Costco offers members a full refund of membership fees if they’re not satisfied. Seems like a no brainer to join!


I’m been discussing with a dealer regarding Costco pricing - they said Costco pricing is the same as A plan affinity pricing, and that other than the loyalty or first responder rebate and the current Costco May/June incentive, they can’t go down any more than that.

It was my understanding that there is a set discount with the dealer, and that any additional manufacturer rebates (e.g. $2500 for leases in my area) should stack on top of Costco, as well as loyalty and/or first responder pricing. Essentially, I’m being told that Costco pricing negates the manufacturer rebate.

Is this everyone else’s general understanding?

Find a new dealer, plain and simple. Doing even the mildest of research on the site will answer that question before you can type it. Even starting at the top of this thread will provide you will a world of insight and even some great brokers who can get you a far better deal and save you the hastle.

Cool. Added VCOA to the wiki. What brands does Sam’s work for? Any other memberships?

So still not adding me to your family membership? I feel like you are my grandpa from another great grandma.

They had Volvo similar to Costco once. Google search works fine.

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Correct w Costco

The bulletin I posted above is straight from Volvo —> dealer


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Is it better to fully negotiate a lease and then drop the Costco deal on them or be up front with it from the start? Looking for XC90.

It’s probably because they have no idea what an XC14 is

Different people will have differing opinions on this. Personally, I like to be upfront with exactly what I want. I’ve never seen the value in trying to drag things on and inch up to the actual deal.


I don’t even have a Costco nearby and that’s exactly what I did hoping for this (and you can buy 5 generic Flonase for like $20 online from them).


Michael, please undo if I’m not allowed to, but I modified the faq to include everything else Costco orders lease rebates for, as well as added BMW CCA, expanded the Penfed list and added requirements, and some formatting so everything looks nicer.

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