Issues selling my hellcat at lease end

My hellcat lease is up in June and I got some online quotes to sell it. Carmax offered the most so I went there today to sell it to them. After myself and carmax being on the phone with Chrysler Capital multiple times, they told me they can’t buy my car. I was told by Chrysler that there’s less than 60 days before the lease date ends so I can’t sell it. I have to buy it outright or turn it back in. Is there anything else I can do? I don’t want to buy it just to sell it back to Carmax. I even tried selling it to my local dealer and he checked and said the bank wouldn’t allow him to buy the hellcat because it’s a “special car.” Why is Chrysler trying to stop me selling the car and making some positive equity? Thanks in advance.

Extend your lease a month or so.


Is that possible now? Why didn’t Chrysler just recommend that over the phone. Lol. Thanks for the quick help. I’ll try calling them again today.

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Not sure what Chrysler specifically does, but others like BMW extend 2 months if you ask no questions asked.

Chrysler didn’t recommend that because it isn’t in their best interest. They want the car back so they can sell it at a premium, just like you.


Find a dealer who will buy it, there are plenty of them around. Don’t tell them your lease is ending, they will figure it out and pay if they want it bad enough.

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Try vroom. Think they will buy it.

The issue here isn’t that Carmax won’t buy, it’s that Chrysler won’t sell.


This is a great hack. Hopefully it works out.

Just went through this with my Jeep and Vroom (60 days or less to lease maturity). Call Chrysler and they will do a one time 30 day lease extension. After that, I was able to sell to Vroom.

Thanks. I’m going to call in the morning and extend out another month before I try Carmax again. I’ve heard horror stories from selling to Vroom. How was your experience?

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Curious what Carmax offered?
Pricing was low 40s on challengers
Now they 50k+

It took way longer than expected but I did make $5k on my Grand Cherokee so was glad to finally see the check. Kinda feels like you’re in the dark for the process. Getting ready to sell another car and probably going to try Carvana as I’ve here the process is smoother. Good luck to you!

You can’t sell the car 60 days before the lease ends with Chrysler Capital? Is that something new?

Inventory for cars is slim used/new so I’m wondering if they are changing their policy because of it.

Carmax offered 60k
Vroom 59k
Carvana 53k

Residual value is 47,700

Msrp was 75k

I’m going to make good money back once I figure out what Chrysler needs to let me sell it to them.

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At 60k, sheesh, you might just have to buy it and pay tax then flip.

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Wow! That difference is insane. What’s the net outcome after your lease?

Worst case I would buy it out. I’m not turning it back in with that equity. I’d rather just sell it to Carmax. I just need true time to get back there. Maybe Friday or Monday.

Don’t know. Didn’t do the math. 3 years ago I saw a thread on this forum that people were leasing hellcats for $500/month and went to my dealer. Lol
I put $3k down. Paid $580/month for the last 3 years. It’s been great. Going to miss it but ready for something else.

Enjoy that check,