Issues selling my hellcat at lease end

If you get that $12,300 check from CarMax, you’ll have effectively leased that cat for $322/mo. Amazing!

Were you able to extend your lease to sell it? I’m in the same boat right now with an offer from Carmax.

Sorry. Forgot to update the post. I was able to sell to Carmax. After a few calls to Chrysler I was assured that I had enough time left and didn’t need to extend the lease. In the state of Connecticut though I did end up having to pay sales tax to sell to Carmax. Chrysler considers them a third party dealer. I wasn’t too happy about that but Carmax and Chrysler repeatedly told me that’s how it had to be. They cut me a check for $8200 and I signed the papers. My account with Chrysler was closed about a week later. I’m curious what price Carmax will list the car for since paying $60k for it. I’ll keep an eye on their website. Hope my experience helps anyone out with questions.

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